Thursday, August 16, 2012

Night 1 with AC Slater

 We welcomed (AC) Slater into our apartment last night.  Like with Knucklehead, we're following the introduction procedure between Oscar and Slater, so last night was a "pass-by" walk with stopping to let the dogs sniff each other.  After that they didn't get to see each other at all.  Slowly through the week we'll introduce them first with gate separation so they can see each other, etc.

Slater was really hyper/edgy/huffy-puffy when he got dropped off by the rescue.  He was panting for the two hours I was with him before bed.  Oscar seems to be unsure of the situation, but also seems to know what's going on at this point.  He still gets to be the first dog to do everything (eat, walk, potty, etc) and gets lots of extra love. He occasionally seems to give us the cold shoulder, but I can't blame him.

Slater pawed at his door a bit once I left him to go to bed, but he had no issues sleeping.

As usual, I fed Oscar this morning, walked him, and tucked him back in bed with Ben before pouring Slater's food and going to give it to him.  I opened the door, turned on the light and he was laying in the middle of the carpet just snoring away.  I said his name a few times and he didn't flinch.  He must not have been on Oscar and I's early-bird 5:30am schedule.  Finally, I started to clean up an accident he'd had (grr) and then he finally got up.  However, he wouldn't eat! All he wanted to do was follow me around, so we went on our walk.

One difficult thing about fostering is the first week. Both dogs are anxious and unsure of what's going on, somewhat similar to how Ben and I feel.  Since we're still introducing and keeping separate that means walking and feeding each dog separately. Thus, since Oscar is on my schedule and I get off earlier, I do the morning and afternoon walks, add in an evening walk with Ben and I'm walking dogs six times a day! But it's all worth it!

Ben texted me that after I left this morning AC would not stop crying.  I hope he won't be too lonely during the way while we're at work.  We'll have to see what kind of excitement I'll come home to after work.

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