Monday, September 10, 2012

Not What it Seems

I recently had a craving for my favorite summertime dessert; Oreo Ice Cream Cake. We had all of the ingredients, or so I thought, so I started making some.  I was almost finished until I realized we didn't have any Cool Whip. 
I said it'd be okay and we'd forgo the Cool Whip, but Ben wasn't having it.  His mom makes a very similar dessert, but with fudge instead of caramel, so whenever I make this, subconsciously, I feel like I need to live up to Ben's memories of his mom's recipe.  Thus, I convinced him that we should walk the dogs to 7-Eleven to get Cool Whip.
Ben was convinced they wouldn't have it and guess what, they didn't?  To try to make the walk worth while, instead I grabbed a bottle of the spray whip cream.
While walking to the register, I saw condoms and remembered that Ben had said we were low.  Usually it's his job to purchase these since I pay for the pill (which I recently screwed up, hence the extra protection); but I figured I'd grab some just in case.

I walked out to Ben, who was waiting with the dogs, and told him to look in the bag, that I'd got him a present.  He took a peak and started laughing.  I said "what...?" and Ben said "do you realize that you probably just looked like a huge weirdo walking buying just whip cream and condoms?!"

Ha! Whoops!

Oh well, the dessert was worth it:

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