Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary...

...to us!
Thirteen years ago today, we started dating. The above left picture is us on 10.16.1999.  Two years ago today, we got married on a beautiful 77 degree day.  Now, two years later, I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  I feel so blessed to have Ben in my life.  Not only to have him, but our life together has been blessed with the memories we've made and the experiences we've shared thus far.  Our future together could not be brighter and I cannot wait to see what it holds.
Happy Anniversary love!


  1. Beautiful pics! And the one of you guys at a high school dance is super cute! :)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Congrats on two years! Your picture from high school is so cute!

  3. Thank you both!!!

    Not that it really matters, but the picture is actually from 8th grade:O). How insane is that?!


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