Friday, October 12, 2012

Warning: This is Disgusting...

...and not in an "Ew, gross way", but in a "how can these type of human beings exist?" sense.

The bulldog rescue received some really sad news about some volunteers.  We've never met them in person, but their story is heartbreaking.  Please send your thoughts and prayers to Margie, Jeff and their bullies.

Last night, a friend in rescue had a tragedy. These are great people and bulldoggers who have helped us transporting dogs up north for rescue. Someone broke into their home, and poured gas on their bulldogs, lighting them on fire. The people are all ok, the bullies are not. There is various degrees of severity for the dogs, some being really bad. They are all being cared for now and we ask you to send positive thoughts are prayers for these bullies and their people, that they may recover and not suffer any more. A chipin has been started to help with what will be enormous vet expenses. If you'd like to chip in, here's the link:

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