Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It Happened

Tiny Tim, our current and fourth foster dog, is getting adopted.  Surprisingly, we've had him over nine weeks, which is the longest we've had a foster.  Perhaps that's why it's been so easy to become so attached, or maybe it's just because he's so darn cute (and gets along with Oscar, a huge plus).
We met with a family the weekend of January 25th and just recently heard back from them that they would like to proceed forward with adoption.  Adoption is obviously the end goal of rescue and fostering, but saying goodbye isn't easy, especially when we've contemplated multiple times if we were ready to add a second dog and for Tiny to be that dog.

When I came home to tell Tiny Tim the good news, I started crying.  Last night while he was sitting on my lap, I teared up.  Yep, this is not going to be fun folks. 

The current debate is if we drive him to his new family, two hours one way, which would most likely involve a two-hour sobfest during the drive home. Otherwise, we can bare our farewells and drop him off with a volunteer, who will drive down to the family's home and do the adoption for us.

Which would you do?!


  1. Han-

    I say, don't make the trek! Isntead, use the 4 hours to take Oscar on a fun play date!

    you will be sooo sad if you have to send him off and then drive the 2 hours back.

  2. You better let the volunteer take him or you'll never let him go. Big hugs!

  3. Thanks Coll and Kare! Ben and I talked about it and you're right. That ride back would be miserable. The whole morning would be! We're going to say our goodbyes in our apartment and have another volunteer do the adoption.


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