Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Here! He's Here!

As you can tell, the switch has been made back to Just Call Me Haha, with some updates of course! I hope you like it.  I'm thrilled with the changes and hope to progress forward to be a better blogger.  If you have any hints, requests or comments, please feel free to share!

More importantly than the arrival of the new blog, is certainly the arrival of our nephew!  I am pleased to introduce him, John (the fifth!) but he'll go by Jack (can you blame SIL? The Fifth is rather cumbersome). Born yesterday morning, weighing 6lb 13oz and measuring 20"; he is a little piece of Heaven.
When SIL went to the hospital on Tuesday night, not knowing if she'd be admitted, my in-laws (who live three hours away), made the decision to wait until morning to make the drive.  Baby was born around 10am and BIL sent us all a picture text with the news.  He said it was a bit rough on mom, so it'd be best if we waited until the afternoon to come visit.  
Longest work morning ever! When it was finally time to leave, I said bye to the girls in the office and was telling them I was so excited I could cry. And then I did. And then I was crying so much, that they starting crying! Goodness!

It was so worth the wait!  It is incredible to see this tiny being and think of all that's ahead of him. It is amazing to hold this little guy in your arms and look at his sweetness. 

I know I've posted before about the uncertainty I have about us becoming parents, but in my gut, I've always wanted to be a mom.  Yesterday confirmed that without a doubt.  Now it's a matter of getting our goals and timeline together.

I mean, if this picture doesn't spark a little baby fever (and the fact that EVERY TIME Ben held him, he stopped crying), doesn't, what will?

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