Friday, March 22, 2013

Joe Fresh at JCP

One of the perk of being in small town Illinois for the week was that they had a JCPenney! I know it seems pretty ridiculous, but the closest JCP from us in the city about twenty miles, which easily makes for a forty minute drive.  And you know me, I hate leaving the city.

Any who, one of my rewards to myself for a good study of studying on Tuesday was that I would let myself to go Penney's to check out the Joe Fresh section, which recently launched.

Joe Fresh is a Canadian store that's started to make it's way into the US market.  There are a few stores in the US (so sad we didn't make an effort to stop in one while in NYC).  I think of it similar to H&M as far as pricing, style and quality.

I tried on several items, which I'll share for your enjoyment and consideration.
Size medium
I decided this was too sheer for my liking. It wasn't 100% cotton, so I thought it'd be too warm to wear once it gets hot out. (Now looking online, I wish I would have bought the floral version; it's so cute!)

Striped Dress, $29 (not available online)
Size Small (shown above) and Extra-small (shown below)
Now this was super cute! It's somewhat hard to tell in the pictures, but the small was just loose enough on me to make me feel and look very "hippy".  The drop of the waist didn't quite hit me at the right now.  The extra small had a slightly tighter fit that looked better, but the drop was still a bit off.

Size small
This was another polyester blend shirt.  The back, which I didn't get a picture of, is a plain navy knit.  I decided against this shirt because I could picture enough items to wear it with for work.  (I am really trying to be smart on my new shopping budget).
Striped Dress, $49 (not available online)
Size small
While I loved the striped on this dress and the quirkiness with the paneling on top, it was the most expensive item I tried on and the fabric was WAY too heavy to even think about wearing in the Midwest in the summer.
Size 6
One thing I noticed with the Joe Fresh sizing in general was that it runs slightly big.  I debated on these print pants, but decided that because I still haven't worn the first pair I bought; I should refrain from buying any more.
Plus I've decided I should wear the first pair to work and test out the reactions of others to see if printed pants are acceptable in my office.  These would be adorable with just a white tee and aqua statement necklace!
Size Small
I love this shirt. Looking back, I should have bought it.  The back of it is a plain knit; but this is the perfect piece to wear tucked into a pencil skirt for work or to toss on during the weekend for fun.  Next weekend we'll be in the QC and I will be stopping by JCP, with hopes they have still!

Size small
Can you tell that stripes catch my eye?  After struggling with the fits of some of the other Joe Fresh items, I anticipated this dress going on like a potato sack. I was surprised that the small did have a bit of shape to it once on the body.  However, again, it was a heavier knit that would be annoying for warm weather; plus (although I did a bad job of illustrating it), the length was totally not work acceptable when I bent over to test!
They also have some very affordable colored crops and jeans ($19-$29), but unfortunately for me, they were not even picture worthy (I truly needed a 6 for the legs and a 4 for the waist).

Overall I was impressed not only by the Joe Fresh items, but with JCP in general.  I've never shopped there and now I may have a reason to occasionally pop my head it! Have you had any good JCP finds?


  1. Those are designs are absolutely stunning, you are amazing.

  2. I love that second striped looked fab on you! xo


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