Monday, March 4, 2013

The Artful Office Giveaway

A friend I went to high school with recently started her own business called The Artful Office in my hometown, but lucky for you, she also has an online store filled with some fun items.  Not only does she have goods available for purchase, but also her talented creative services can be yours, for a price, as well!

Artful Office
Fluorescent Double Vase

Artful Office
Watercolor Chicago Print

Right now she's hosting a giveaway, all you have to do is like The Artful Office on Facebook and share for a chance to win this cute (great color!) Retro POP Phone!

Artful Office
POP Phone


  1. totally just entered... keep you fingers crossed I win. Also, where is your friend's store?

    1. Will do! It's downtown Rock Island, IL (I'm from the Quad Cities!)

  2. I just entered too! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Thanks, Hannah! Love the blog :)


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