Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Week Timeline (What I Wore Wednesday - 4/10)

I hope this isn't odd to tell, or to share, but I bought this outfit last week for my grandpa's visitation.

The quick synopsis of my past two weeks is that Easter weekend we planned on going home Thursday (3/30) through Saturday (4/1). My in-laws were hosting a Sip and See party for our nephew and we planned on hightailing to back to Chicago after that so I could have Sunday to study.

Thursday night, during our drive home, my mom called to say that Grandpa had passed. I was upset, not surprisingly I didn't bawl into the phone immediately (my mom told me later she decided to call to share the news verses sharing in person once we got in town for fear I'd see something on Facebook. Geesh, isn't it crazy what the world of technology has done?)

Any who, the reason I didn't instantly burst into tears is that the day before I'd been told my Grandpa passed.

Background 1: I have been studying 20hrs+/wk for my PE (engineering licensing) exam, for the past 2 months; the exam is 4/12. I'm super starting to stress so I started taking a day or so a week off work for extra study time.

Background 2:  Grandpa was in hospice for 6+ wks leading up to his death. The nurses and my family/parents didn't think he'd live to April 10th (an abstract date, his brother's birthday). 

So Wednesday, 3/29, I took the day off to study and had been at Starbucks for a bit over 2.5 hours when I checked my email. I had an email from MIL titled "Sorry" (she copied H) with the message essentially saying that she sorry Gpa had passed but knew he was at peace and in a better place.
It was the first I'd heard anything and was shocked. I called Ben  immediately and talked about it and said how I hadn't heard anything from my parents. I tried calling Mom(it's her dad) and got no answer. Obviously I was upset and fighting tears.
Ben emailed his mom and asked how she heard about it. My aunt works at the hospital with FIL. She left work saying that Gpa was having difficulty breathing. Not sure how or who, but this lead someone in the office to ASSUME this meant he died I guess, which FIL heard and called MIL to share the news and that's why she sent the email.
Ben was super pissed and said how f'ed up it was of her to do. MIL didn't email me the rest of Wednesday (we usually probably exchange a few emails a day).   I think it was rude and was really annoyed/angry. Thursday she emailed me a long heartfelt apology, which I know she truly meant.  We left it at I (or Ben) would notify her when something happened.
So, needless to say, my emotions were drained on Wednesday, when I found out of Gramps passing on Thursday, I was at peace. (My mom had told me on Tuesday after visiting him that he looked awful and she just wished his time would come. I also want to add that my mother in law was so upset that when I saw her she took me aside to apologize and started crying; then we both wound up crying. Oh boy).
Enough background, back to the main story, in that I came home with one black shift dress (I had packed just in case). Gramps' services spanned 3 days (visitation, mass and burial). So Monday I tromped down to the mall to find something to wear.
I had previously considered purchasing this dress online by passed, thinking the gold "button" on the chest was weird.  However, when I saw it in person, it was love. I consider it a practical purchase. I can see myself wearing this for work, during summer (it's sleeveless), for a July wedding we're attending, and of course, for Gramp's visitation.

Not to mention, it was 50% off, so it was only $46. Sold.
Dress - The Limited (Striped Flare-Skirt Dress, sold out online. I purchased a size 6 for reference; similar and similar) // Sweater - The Limited (similar) // Belt - J Crew (similar) // Shoes - Tory Burch Revas // Earrings - C. Wonder (in honey) // Monogram Necklace - Etsy  // Rhinestone Bracelet - F21 // Chain Bracelet - Yuni Kelly // Initial Cuff - C. Wonder

PS- I also wanted to share about Grandpa's send off.  He fought in WWII and thus his ashes will be stored at the local arsenal.  The burial included a prayer from the priest, a prayer from a service man, an award of the American flag to my grandmother "...on behalf of the president of the United States and this country's gratitude" as well as a 21-gun salute and trumpet Taps. It was beautiful.


  1. When my grandpa passed, it was really cool to see the military salute since he too fought in WWII. Me and the rest of my brothers/cousins all kept a shell from the 21-gun salute.
    Never easy losing a grandparent, but you know they are in a better place once they pass.xo

    1. I requested a bullet shell from my Grandma! I am debating making into a necklace or bracelet!

  2. That's a beautiful dress! I'm sorry about your grandpa's passing. I reacted similarly when mine died in January. I actually went to work that day! It wasn't until later that it really hit me. And then at the funeral I was a MESS. I cried the ENTIRE time - which was a lot, considering it was a Catholic funeral! Yikes! :) I hope things have calmed down for you - thanks for joining my linkup!


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