Sunday, June 2, 2013


As promised, the outtakes from Huey's birthday shoot. He may look goofy with that tongue hanging out (so much so that occasionally the end of it gets dried out), but he truly is one sweet dog. 

Initially he tried to run and ride from me.

He caught on to the idea of potty training pretty quick (unlike Betty). He still struggles with his hind legs.  Initially, because of living in a kennel the first four years of his life, he didn't have the muscle strength go up or down stairs.  Now with practice and the help of walks, we're building up his muscles.  He still struggles when he tries to get up from laying down, but we continue to make progress.

He swoons at our touch.  If you pet him for more than 10 seconds, he lays down on his side and bats his white eyelashes at you, begging for more.
 He just wants to be loved and that's all he's ever deserved.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these outtakes! I love reading about your fostering experiences, and seeing how your foster dogs are blossoming in a loving home. It makes me want to foster too, but sadly my bully does not care for other dogs. Thanks again!


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