Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stanley's Back in Town

What can I say? They did it! 
When the Blackhawks won the cup in 2010, we watched the game at Toons Bar with our couple friends, B&B and then joined the ruckus that is Wrigleyville.
Despite bags to unpack from the weekend, sore muscles and a general feeling of exhaustion, we knew we had to watch the game at the bar last night for a possible repeat of 2010.  We hunkered down at Crossroads, which happens to be the Official Chicago Blackhawks Bar (of course there are tons of "official bars". 

Third period went from a feeling of: "agh, game 7" to "yes, OT!" to "holy shit did they really just score again?!" in a matter of minutes.  From there, adrenaline kept us going to celebrate the victory!
After leaving the bar, we walked to Wrigleyville.  How could we not? We live 3/4 mile from the field and how often does this happen?! (According to Ben, once every three years).  Plus, lets be honest, this is the only Chicago athletic team we'll be celebrating a victory like this for.
 The streets were packed. There were champagne, beer, and liquor bottles everywhere.  Police had warned prior that there would not be a repeat of riots and celebration of 2010. But, barriers were moved and people pursued. That is, until about 11:45 when the mounties came in and starting shooing people away, which is when we hightailed it home!

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