Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19 Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was one of summer perfection that left me fulfilled but at the same time craving more.  Friday morning I started my day off with a nice long run along Lake Michigan.  I took a moment to stop at Belmont Harbor, the spot where Ben proposed roughly four years ago.  It's one of my favorite spots in the city.
Ben was working from home Friday because we had an appointment to get new tires so we dropped the car off and tromped over to the new hotspot, Engrain (which was so good it'll have it's own dedicated post).  Afterwards, I left Ben at home to work and I hit the beach for some sun and to watch planes practice for the Air and Water Show.
Friday night Mr. Sister got in town and the three of us went to Webster's Wine Bar for drinks and dinner. One of our friends has sworn this as one of the best spots in the city and it really didn't disappoint.  The wine menu, as you'd expect, is pretty much a book of endless options. The food menu is somewhat small, but everything we ordered (two flatbreads and loads of cheese) was all delicious.
Saturday we contained trying out new food spots and walked to Floriole Bakery for breakfast (again, so good it will have it's own post in the future). From there we walked down to some shops before deciding to meet Ben and friends at the beach for the first official day of the Air and Water Show.
We went to a late lunch at Little Goat Diner (related to Chicago hotspot, The Girl and the Goat, from chef Stephanie Izard, Top Chef winner), which had been our main goal for the weekend. OMGOSH! We were not let down! You guys, this place is amazing! I'm so torn if next time we go (which will be soon) if I order the same thing, blta, or something new because I know everything is going to be just as good. 
That night we headed to Andersonville for drinks and dinner.  Our first stop was Hopleaf, a nationally known craft beer bar.  I ordered Founder's Mango Magnifico which was the strangest beer! I love mango and fruity beers on occasional, but this has a kick of habenero pepper, which provides the after drink effect of spicy hot along your throat.
That wasn't the only odd thing that happened to me there though...we sat in the bar, which is first come first seated.  We grabbed the end of a 20' long tall table to accommodate six of us.  When a seat in the middle of the table opened, I asked the women across if I could use the chair and she said no, she had about 20 people coming.  Umm, okay. Really?
We minded our own business and slowly took over a few more chairs.  People started showing up to join the women and they all signed what looked like a petition.  At one point one of the men turn to me and introduces himself, shaking my hand and I must give a whatthehellisgoingon look because he says "uh wait, are you part of this group?" to which I say no.  I then asked what it's for and he gets really embarrassed. It was a social DATING group! Awkward!
We left shortly after to grab dinner at Jerry's. Over 100 sandwiches on the menu, complete with options of seven types of bread or make your own. This place is fantastic and a crowd pleaser for all; not to mention another great list of craft beer on draft.  We ended the night at Fountainhead, hoping to visit their rooftop (voted #1 by Chicago's Best) but sadly it was full.
Sunday morning we brunched at Yolk per Ben's request.  We'd never ate there and with three locations and rave reviews, thought it was a try.  To be honest, it was nothing special and mostly items I could make at home. Not even worth a picture in my book. There are SO many better brunch options in Chicago; I'm almost sad that we ate there.
Mr. Sister then hit the road and we hit our bikes to get back to the beach.  Friday I was so disappointed that I didn't have my camera with me, I made sure to catch some shots (again, with my long range 75-300mm lens).
and I captured a lot of them, so be ready...
The lake was swarming with boats
Have you ever seen a helicopter fly upside and do flips? Insane!
This picture can not capture how fast or loud this jet was!
Brutus, the Swiss Mountain Dog, we met on the beach

Parachute jumpers
We ended our weekend at Cesar's with a killer margarita. The perfect summer end to a perfect summer weekend.
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  1. Nice photos from the Air show! Looks like an awesome weekend...nothing better than good wine and yummy food :-)

  2. Looks like a great weekend--awesome pics!


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