Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunset Skyline

As mentioned yesterday, Tuesday night one of my coworkers graciously offered to take us out on his sailboat. There was so much interest that he recruited one of his crew friend's boats for a second boat.
We took off from Burnham Harbor, near Soldier Field, after work.
We were given two options, the "working" boat or the "cruise" boat. You know I opted for the easy hoice, right?  It was nice to sit back, relax, and take in the views (and pictures), which included watching the other boat hoist their sail.

Despite the 95 degree day, sailing with southwest winds we were a comfortable temperature. Besides, heat goes to the back of your mind when you're experiencing views like these.

Being out on the lake and looking back at the skyline makes the city feel more majestic than ever. It's hard to remember just how big it is when you're used to being down amongst the buildings.
Growing up my dad had a sailboat. I don't remember the name or size. All I remember is that it was blue and I only rode on it once. The majority of the time it sat in our backyard waiting for repairs.  I think my dad must have stumbled upon it somehow rather than truly seeking out to become a sailor.
We were invited to bring drinks and food on the bottle. I opted for the easy option of boxed wine (not that good, but what can you expect at a price of $3.99 for three glasses worth?) and cheese, salami and wheat thins.
As the sun set, the skyline started to stand out more and more. The silhouettes become more defined and I became more entranced. Remember how much I love clouds? The clouds that night were spread out speckled beauty.
We sailed into the "playpen" area of the lake and down to Navy Pier. I've always envied those I've seen on boats while I sit on the beach or the pier and for one night, I was finally one of those people, at least for a night.
Sure, I've taken many a boat tours that leave from the pier. But being on a private boat? Well it is just something special. We joked to use our Miss America waves as we sailed along the boardwalk saying hi to those who welcomed us.
As dusk fell and the light changed again, the city was transformed into a wonder of twinkling lights.
We docked one boat at Burnham Harbor. However, rather than hop off there to walk to public transit, I gladly accepted the offer to ride the second boat back to Belmont Harbor, where it's kept. I mean, another hour on the boat? Why not?! Plus it was fun to sail by the spot where Ben proposed nearly four years to the day ago.
If you have a chance to sail, don't turn it down no matter how busy. And if you sail often with views like this, color me green with envy!
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  1. SOOOO GORGEOUS! I've only been sailing once but I fell in love. I've also only been to Chicago once, but fell in love with that view from the water also :)

  2. I think I've already said this, but I'm obsessed with these photos. What camera do you use?

  3. I am never ever been on a sailboat but it is on my bucket list for sure! This just looks soooo picturesque.


  4. Gorgeous pictures! I learned to sail, but am landlocked where I'm attending college.

    It's Emma Elise


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