Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Bought: Old Navy Binge

My shopping always seems to go in a rotation. In general, for staple items like jeans, I try focus on high quality items with a great fit that I know will last. But there are also so many trends that, not to mention so much shopping money in my budget, that I recently have found myself shopping more and more at places like H&M and Old Navy.
Old Navy recently had 40% off for cardholders and I took full advantage, ordering 13 items.  Whoops! Several of the items are variations for size and style with the ultimate goal of finding new black skinnies and chambray shirt; and some are items that I just feel like I have to have.
After seeing a post about this dress on a fashion board (and it's fabulous price, $8 after discount), I figured this dress is versatile for fun and work.
The first pictures are the size small.  I decided that it's a little tight and definitely too short for my comfort to wear in the office.
The medium was definitely loser; almost too big...but I decided I can wear it as a comfy shift or belted to give me a bit more shape. I decided to keep the medium and return the small.
Last year I purchased a pair of Old Navy's Rockstar "jeans" and really liked them. However, they wore rather quickly and need to be replace this year due to fading; but since I paid less than $20 for them; I'm not too upset.
I decided to give the Pull On pants a try after seeing them compared to J Crew pants. They're almost like a glorified, heavy weight legging. They have an elastic waist and no pockets; so I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them without my booty covered.
At first, I hated them and found them to be slightly itchy; but as I wore them while trying on other tops, they've grown on me and I'm considering keeping them for the days when I just want a cozy topping and warm leggings.
I ordered a medium and think a small would have been too small.  The length is decent and the first is okay. As you can see, the crotch is a bit "frowny" as my mom would call it; but if I'm going to keep that covered anyways...I think these might be keepers; but I'm torn.
I ordered this in a medium to replace an ON oxford I bought last year that ripped while in the wash after several wears. The fabric is 100% cotton, but slightly itchy for some reason. The fit is decent and the price was great ($8 after discount). It's not perfect, but I know I'll get a ton of wear out of it that I think it's a keeper.
I ordered this in an XL and although it fit just fine; I decided it was too juvenile and decided to return.
The hunt for a new chambray shirt has been on since this spring, when I accidentally got washable paint on my old button up and that washable paint turned out not to be washable.
I ordered this in a medium based on previous ON button up experience. I like the variety in color and tunic style, but I'm still contemplating on this. It's not a great fit and even slightly tight if I put both arms out....but it's a looser fit that could be great with leggings or a sweater on top. (Don't mind the packaging wrinkles).
I ordered this Mid-tone shirt in a medium as well to compare to the pull-over above. This seems to be the classic color and style for chambray so I'm torn if I like this better than the above; the fit is slighty better but I can't decide which color I like best!
Which of the two chambrays would you keep? If any?
I picked this up in store a couple weeks ago. It's obviously a trendy item and given that I couldn't wear it for work, I decided against it for $30. However, when I was able to get it for 40% off, I ordered it in a medium to give it a shot.
I'm pretty disappointed in the fit. I think it's too frumpy and gapes at the neckline. If I went down to a small, it'd be shorter than I'd like. Not to mention, the rhinestones are barely secured on with just two threads each; if one rips you'll be left with a dangling gem (although it'd be an easy fix). This will be returned.

#9: Rockstar Midrise Skinny
Based on my size search last year, I ordered up a size for these and got a 8-regular.  They're certainly a higher fit on the hips than the classic Rockstars; but the length is slightly too long and by measurement, I fear short would be too short; but I think I may order to give it a try.
#10 and #11 Rockstar Super Skinny
I ordered these as another pant alternative. I ordered both an 8 regular and a 10 short. Again, the fabric is slightly itchy, but from experience I know it'll soften with time.

Like the mid-rise, there's some bunching in the crouch but even the model's pictures for both styles show bunching; so maybe I'm being over critical?

Would you keep any of the black pants (including ponte pull on) that I ordered?
The 10S were WAY too big! They were gaping and knowing that these pants also stretch with wear, there's no way 10 would be a smart choice to keep.
#12 and #13: 3/4 Sleeve Sequin Tee
This was actually the first thing that prompted this order. I saw this shirt online and thought it was so fun. I love the mix of black and navy, sequins and stripes.
I ordered both a small and medium; as you can tell, the small (top pics) are not so complimentary for me. I returned the small and will be keeping the medium. Plus, I love the length of the medium! I already have a number of outfits planned in my head for this shirt and cannot wait to wear it.


  1. I have the Live Love Laugh shirt as well. So comfy. The Ponte dress looks great on you.

  2. The Ponte dress looks amazing! I tried it on and it looked horrid on me!

  3. The more & more I look at it, the more I love the chambray pullover. With leggings & a cute pair of heels- I think it would look super cute.


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