Sunday, December 1, 2013

Give Thanks

We decided that having only moved a month ago, to stay in Denver for Thanksgiving. It was such a relaxing weekend to unwind. Sure, I missed our traditions of our hometown turkey trot, eating two meals between my family and Ben's, cutting down our family Christmas tree and MT's hometown bridal shower; but the memories we made this weekend will stick with me forever.

We started our Thanksgiving prep on Wednesday night. Of course if we were to make our own turkey, we figured there should be beer involved in the brine.
Thursday morning we ran United Way's Turkey Trot.  It's a 4-miler, compared to our hometown 5, but what's even better than a short distance (especially since I've been running on the treadmill, so this was my first run at Mile High elevation!). We ran through the adorable Washington Park before ending in a craft beer garden. Ben was absolutely in Heaven!

We hopped in the hot tub after some cinnamon rolls and coffee and then it was onto conquering our meal and FaceTiming family.  

For me, a Thanksgiving meal is a combination of stuffing, turkey, and mashed potatoes; all loaded up with gravy. Ben insisted on rolls, ham, and cheesy potatoes. We had quite a little feast.
We both agreed on dessert, pumpkin pie!  These mini pies seemed like a good idea to keep them fresh the longest since it was only the two of us. And now, today marks one month in Denver. Reflecting over the past month, I feel truly blessed and owe many thanks. Our family and friends, and you-my readers!, have offered so much support, which has made this transition smoother.

One thing I've really been surprised by is how Ben and I's relationship has grown.  It's not surprisingly when I stop to think about it; I mean we did make a big move and we're in a new city together, but I think prior to the move I was too busy to think about how it'd impact us.

I feel like we're so much more a team.  Truly caring about one anothers day, having fun exploring new places and experiences together. I know people say when they have children they look at their husbands in a new light and have never felt a stronger love for them than when they're holding their child...but every time after we go enjoy something for the first time together, I look at him and my heart just swells. I feel so lucky to have found my partner in life and not only to have our past that we have, but to share the present and look forward to the future.


  1. Everything looks delish! :)

    Moving brought my H and I closer together as well. When you move away from everything you've ever known to start a new life together, you only have each other to lean on and it creates a bond no one else can share ;-)

  2. Looks like you packed a lot into the weekend! Glad it was a great week! All the food looks amazing!


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