Monday, December 23, 2013

To the Mountains We Will Go: Wknd Recap

Good morning! My shortest work week yet! I'm working today and off for the rest of the week (granted I took two vacation days, but whatevs).

This weekend flew by. Ben's company flew him back to Chicago last week for his company's holiday party (and put him up in a hotel; score! They must really like him:) so Friday night it was just me and Oscman.  The timing worked out perfectly as I was schedule to work Saturday morning.  It won't last forever, but given my job's strict timeline, once about every two months I have to come in on Saturday.

After work I picked up Ben from the airport and we headed home. I was a bit disappointed that he was too tired to go out, we'd talked about going to see Anchorman 2 or going to Zoolights, instead we grabbed dinner at a bar and curled up on the couch to watch some Breaking Bad.  We're still catching up, but man is it so good!

We kept in an easy night because we planned to go snowboarding yesterday. I can't remember if I mentioned or not, but Ben is determined to make a snowboarder out of me.  He bought a cheap board in high school and taught himself. He's gone sporadically throughout the past couple years and moving here, there was no doubt we'd go on a regular basis.

One of the first weekends we moved here there was a ski expo and I decided to drop a pretty penny (or several hundreds, yikes!) on snowboarding gear. I figured buying the stuff on big discount was worth the savings if I decided to stick with it; and if not, then I could sell the stuff on Craigslist, basically brand new.

Black Friday, we had White Friday.  We headed to the mountains.

We went to Winter Park (one of the places our season pass we bought is good for, more money) and signed up for lessons. Funnily enough, my instructor was from my hometown! It was a rough day with lots of falls but I wasn't defeated. I'd anticipated that. If anything, I was more determined to learn this sport.

Yesterday we went out for my second time and it was SO much better.  I started off on the bunny hill and Ben rode with me to give some pointers. After a few runs there, I agreed to graduate to a green hill. Although I still fell (and admittedly, almost had a melt down), I didn't cry and I made it to the bottom feeling like I'd achieved something.

Instructor Ben; telling me to watch others

The more I go, the better I'll get and the more I'll like it. Besides, with views like these, it's hard not to love being in the mountains.


  1. The pictures are gorgeous! Glad you're getting better at it, Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

  2. The views look amazing! I have always wanted to learn to snowboard but I am sure I would fall on my face repeatedly too! Glad to know it is getting easier.


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