Monday, March 6, 2017

Our Biggest Adventure Yet!

On Saturday, we announced to social media that we are expecting our first child in September! I can't tell you how much I was shaking when I hit "post". It's been so hard to keep the secret, but at the same time, by keeping it a secret, I felt like we were somehow protecting us and the baby from the world. I'm going to be a nervous-nelly the next 18+ years, aren't I?

Not to go into all of the details, but it involved trying for six cycles, and both of us driving through the same snowstorm in one day, but our little blizzard baby is on it's way! During our period of trying, I learned that not all women's bodies are the same (I mean, duh). At my annual gyno exam (Nov 2016), I was upset that it had been five cycles and nothing had happened (If I'm being honest, I was really hoping for an Italy/Cubs are going to the world series baby!). My dr said we were doing everything right, but to make sure we were using ovulation predictor tests.  I had bought some in September but didn't really understand/used them haphazardly, and wouldn't you know, my next cycle rolled around, peeing on those little sticks and interpreting them made all the difference! (It turns out I ovulate 2-3 days earlier than most apps "suggested" time frame).

I'm in the 13th week of my pregnancy and things are going great!

First Trimester Recaps:

  • Morning Sickness: Yep. I never got physically sick, but did experience some waves of nausea during weeks 6-8. I was originally trying to do Whole30 as a coverup for not drinking, but also because I really wanted to do another round, but once nausea hit, I kept a supply of Ritz Crackers and Crystallized Ginger with me at all times.
  • Lack of Energy: This was my biggest symptom. I had a few nights where I turned out my light around 8pm and slept solid until my work alarm at 5:45am. I could have taken a morning and afternoon nap everyday. I was proud of myself for the few times I actually made it to the gym or out for a run (which honestly, was maybe 5 times before I hit week 10; that's when my energy levels started rising)
  • Food Aversions: Ugh, terrible! I eventually gave up on doing a true Whole30 because I.could.not. tolerate the smell of cooked vegetables. Or worse yet, I would make something like brussel sprouts, eat them for dinner, go to the bathroom and walk into the living space, smell them and gag!  It was easiest to try to eat kale caesar salads or raw bell pepper for my veggies for a few weeks.
Other than the above, first trimester went really well. Looking into the future...
  • Due Date: September 8th! It's crazy to think I'm already 1/3 way through my pregnancy.
  • Gender: I've always been such a classic Type A person. I'm the extreme planner and organizer. But for whatever reason, before we were pregnant or even trying, we had conversations about waiting to find out the gender and now that we are pregnant, I still feel that way. Mr HaHa is so easy going that he has not had a strong preference to find out or keep the surprise, so as of right now, our baby's gender will be a surprise!
  • Living Situation: The timing for this pregnancy has seemed to work itself out.  Not only did Mr HaHa get away with not living together full time during first trimester (I swear I wasn't crazy, but he or my coworkers may say differently), but before announcing my pregnancy to my company, my departure from Vail back to Denver full time was scheduled for mid-March.  My apartment lease ends March 16 so over the next week, we're in the process of moving me back to Denver, to our house! 
  • Work-life: As you may recall, since moving to Colorado, I work for a contractor in construction. I've always been on a construction site (yea, portapotties do not mix well with pregnancy, thank goodness for public bathrooms in Vail Village!).  When I told HR, they were extremely excited for me, but also recognize that we need to work together to find a project/position that will work for both me and the company. I really don't want to be walking around a construction site in July or August, ready to burst and in the field required jeans and short sleeved shirt. I'm confident we'll find the right fit for me.

I'll be back for another post about how I found out, how I told Mr HaHa and how we told our families.

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