Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday's Deals and Steals

This is one of the first Saturday morning that I can remember not having to get up and go for a run.  To celebrate H and I slept in (and by sleeping in I mean I woke up naturally at 7:26 am, ugh) and I made us a big breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham, blueberry pancakes, bacon and coffee. Oh shoot, I just realized I forgot that I bought orange juice for us.  OJ and bacon is a rarity in this house.  We were finished eating by 8:30 and on to brewing beer by 9am. 

Remember how I said H wanted sweet potatoes, well turns out it's actually for a sweet potato beer he's brewing.  However, I'm helping out with this one by prepping the sweet potatoes (just mashing them) and spices.  But seriously, brewing by 9am is a bit absurd!

The other good thing that happened this morning is that I check my emailed and the Lady Gaga cd is in at the library.  Just in time for me to pick up and load in my nano before the race.  Perfect timing :O)

Here's a few sales/deals:

·         AT Loft: $35 sweaters and dresses sale, in stores and online

·         Francesca’s: Jewelry is buy one, get one 50% off through 10/17 (no code needed; in stores and online)

·         Macy’s: 30% off when you buy 3 pairs of women’s shoes (20% for 2 pairs and 15% off one pair) through 10/16 with code: SHOES

·         Paper Source: 25% off photocards through Oct 31st. No code needed (they have cute options, but even on sale they’re still kind of pricey I think)

·         Victoria’s Secret: Up to 50% off their MLB gear here (ha, of course I’m linking you to the Cubs gear:O)

Also in checking my email today, I came across this little darling from Kate Spade.  I think its love, except at $545, definitely not loving the price:

I really love this striped jacket/sweater from a Loft email, and they say it’s a sweater…but I don’t see it shown as either a sweater or a jacket online.  Although I do think I saw it in the store last time I was in:

And from a recent Banana Republic email; I think most of these “Fall Neutrals” outfits are adorable; especially the two on the right:

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