Thursday, April 25, 2013

Call for Help

I won't be posting deals and steals today; instead I'm asking for your help for an organization and cause that has become so dear to my heart the past year.

I am writing to you today as a Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Volunteer. I, along with other CEBR Volunteers, am asking for your immediate support. We have the opportunity to help with a Special Rescue Project to save the lives of several english bulldogs over the course of the next week. In order to do this we need to raise funds to free these boys and girls from a life of anguish, neglect and long term breeding.

While I can't disclose specific details about this Special Rescue Project (yet) I can assure you that your financial support will help a lucky bulldog find his or her way to a new life filled with tender loving care in the arms of rescue. I will be able to provide many more details in about 5-7 days.

Our goal is to raise several thousand dollars within the next 48 hours (by Friday, April 26th). Would you please find it in your heart to help the volunteers that are spearheading this effort and assist with the funds needed to save these bullies?

As a donor to this Special Rescue Project you will receive the first email updates and pictures about the success of our mission -- before we share on our Website, Facebook page and email lists.

You can donate directly to help fund this rescue mission at

Please feel free to email me directly with any questions. I'm happy to answer as much as I can.  Please consider the donating to help change a dog's life. (and later their adoptive family's life as well). These are dogs who are kept in horrid conditions; many have never felt grass on their paws, learned to climb starts and are afraid of human touch. Our own first hand experience with our past foster dogs who came from puppy mills, Salty and Tiny Tim, was initially heartbreaking, to see the conditions they were in, but in the end beyond rewarding.
Salty girl

Salts and Ben
Tiny Tim

Thank you for your support!

PS- I apologize that several of my old posts are missing pictures; something changed on my security settings and they seem to be lost forever :(

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