Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Raindrops (+deals)

After three weeks with three dogs in the apartment, a morning routine has developed.  Everyone gets their breakfast, Oscar in the kitchen and Huey and Betty together in the bathroom.  As soon as Oscar is done, we go out for a walk (there's still no way I could handle all three on my own).  Once he's done, Osc jumps back into bed with Ben. I open the bathroom door for Betty and Huey and they dart to the front door for their walk.

This morning, the froze in their tracks when I opened the outside door and it was raining.  It made me wonder, is this another of their firsts?  They definitely haven't walked on a leash in the rain before, but surely they know realize those drops on their backs are water, or at least that it's not someone or something out to get them?

I'm not so sure though.  Huey went about his bathroom business but Betty kept looking up at me with curious eyes.  After a few minutes of this, she began moving from side to side, trying to catch the raindrops in her mouth. Every time she caught one, she'd look at me and smile, before attempting to catch another.

It's the little things like this that make fostering such a joy.
Betty Girl
Today's Deals and Steals:
  • Banana Republic Factory: 50% off everything through 5/27; extra 10% off  $100+ puchase with coupon
  • Gap: 30% off women's dresses in store today
  • Gap Outlet: 50% off everything
  • Juicy Couture: Extra 30% off everything in store and online through 5/29
  • The Limited: Frenzy Tonight: In store and online 5pm-close/midnight, 50% off all regular priced items
  • Macys: Extra 15% off with code SAVE (6% back via
  • $2.40 for $10 or $6 for $25 gift certificates with code THANKS ends today

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  1. Roxy is funny about going out to do her business when it's raining too. If it's downpouring we try to wait until it eases up. But when she gets out there, she tip toes around the grass and tries not to get wet so we call her "Miss Priss". Every time it rains we go "oooh no she's going to be Miss Priss!" lol

    Adorable pictures! :)


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