Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home Inspection

Whomp. Whomp. While I've been busy on Pinterest planning out the living and dining color scheme and how to paint the guest bathroom tiles, Ben's been hesitant to act like we have some type of major commitment here.

Enter Saturday.  Inspection starts off well enough, a lot of "oh, I like this!" from Mr. Inspector...but then he asks if there is central air conditioning.  We say yes and he says no. No, there's not. It's listed as having it, but unless fans count, there is definitely NO central air. We could probably tolerate it; but when we're spending at the top of our budget and we have an English bulldog who doesn't tolerate heat well, well ya know, we want the AC as listed!

In addition to that, being an old home we were advised to get the sewer lines inspected. They need farther inspection to guarantee at $10K+ repair isn't required.  Oh yea, and several shingles on the roof are damaged. So a roof replacement may be in there the near future.

Our realtor will send our objections and requests to the seller tomorrow and let's hope they are willing to work with us on repairs and/or price. After being in the house again, we really do adore it; although we're prepared to walk if they're not willing to budget. It would be stupid of us to spend this much on a house knowing there's a potential of $30K more in possible future repairs.

But it's kind of hard not to love it, right?
Oh we have so many plans for this house! Please send us your happy thoughts! (and prove Ben wrong ;)


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! I've been following your blog for several years now and have been waiting for you to post more on the house!

  2. Thinking good thought and hope it all works out.

  3. Hi Hannah! I am also excited to enjoy glimpse of your house inspection process. It must have been exciting for you people.

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