Friday, January 31, 2014

Frisbee Friday

While it's obvious we love Denver (I mean, we are buying a house here), a lot of people commonly ask how Oscar is doing and adjusting to living in Colorado.  We no longer have our dog beach (although there are dog parks here, we just haven't ventured to them yet because Osc can be iffy with other dogs), he loves visits to the parks.
One of our hometown friends recently moved to Fort Collins (yay!) so we took the hour drive up to visit him (and breweries; post to come) recently. He was gracious enough to let us bring Oscar along for the trip.
Of course the problem with bringing Oscar to a strange apartment and then leaving him for the afternoon was that we needed to tire him out. Luckily we found a frisbee golf disc in the car!
A word to the wise, apparently dogs must be on leash at all Fort Collins parks. A ranger pulled up to remind us of this and we barely snuck out of a $100 ticket for not having our leash on! At least our plan worked perfectly.
This weekend we continue on with the home process and have our home inspection! We're also getting the sewers inspected and having a contractor come out to meet us towards the end of the inspection to give us an estimate on removing a popcorn ceiling and for any other items the inspector may find.

And more exciting plans, I'm meeting a group of Denver bloggers for a little wine/appetizer/craft party. It's kind of like an awkward blind date; except that it's not blind since I've followed some of the blogs for a while now. Besides, the hostess moved to Denver the same month as us AND has a four year old English Bulldog. Meant to be, right?

Have a happy, fun and safe weekend and Superbowl!


  1. Good luck on your house buying process. I want to start soon but it just seems like a lot of hassle. But i hope everything passes :)

  2. He looks so happy playing!! Good luck with the inspection. Don't worry they will find a lot of little things, just so long as they don't find big things you should be good. Blogger meet-up are so fun! Enjoy!


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