Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Running Diet

Only about 5 weeks left until my first marathon.  It's coming fast and quite honestly, training is becoming annoying.  I'm following Hal Higdon's Novice Plan with a few minor changes to long runs (due to schedule and also wanting to get up to 22 miles instead of his recommended 20).  However, running on a schedule for 18 weeks really will burn a person out.

I post on FB all the time about running; to the point that I'm sure it annoys people.  However, I'm tempted to post "Don't worry come Oct 10 (day after marathon) I won't be posting about running anymore because I will be done".  But let's be honest, I do enjoy running and especially the benefits of pretty much eating whatever I want (within some limits; I don't eat fast food or drink soda, so I'm somewhat a healthy eater).  This is totally my motto:

H got me a basic heart rate monitor for Christmas and I love it!  It's set for my body, but essentially tells me when I'm in fat-burning zone, cardio zone, how many calories I burn etc. For example, Monday I ran a quick/faster-than-usual paced three mile run.  It took about 26 minutes and I burnt 294 calories.  My long run last weekend was 18.5 miles (holy $hit, but actually it did go by kind of fast) and I burnt about 2,600 calories.  Since then, I've let myself reap the benefits:  crepes for brunch post-run (here's my recipe post), half a Digorno pizza (whoopsie, but it was SO good!) on Sunday night and also Italian ice and last night after going Oscar to the library to return some books, we just had to stop for some custard sundaes.  One bad habit I've turned H onto since we've lived together is dessert.  I just need a sweet-treat (be it ice cream or just a Hersey Kiss) to finish my dinner.

Update: Oh crap, and I just realized that we both ate Crumbs cupcakes for dessert on Monday.  I surprised H with them to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement.  Since I'm a dork (obviously), I put heart candles in each of them and wouldn't give H his until he literally said "Happy engage-a-versary" (which he didn't; but I caved b/c let's get serious, one cupcake is enough)

Good thing we both run!

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