Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deals and Steals - 9/27

So if you read the little blip about me, you’ll see that I’m an engineer.  Ever since school, I’m always the type of person that in social situations when I say that I’m one, I get the “wow, you don’t seem like the typical engineer” (which is a compliment, I think…).  But truth of the matter is, I am.  It’s like things like riding on the El (train) and looking at the roof-top HVAC equipment or being in a restaurant and noticing the ductwork that reaffirms my professional interest (and also drives H crazy).

I also love numbers.  Yep, I’m that dork.  I’ve had something in the back of my head that I’ve thought about figuring out for a while now…H and I have been together since 8th grade; a loooong  time.  Being that our first wedding anniversary (10.16.11) is our 12th year together and we’re 25; I wanted to figure out (roughly) when we’ll have been together for half of our lives.

I drafted up a similar formula to figure this out: 

 0.5* (A+X) = B+X

Where (all in days):
A is my current age
X is the amount of time until we’ve been together half my life
B is length of time we’ve been together
(so: when will half (0.5) of my life in the future (X-days), equal the amount of time we've been together)

So, for simple math, we’ve solving for X:
0.5A + 0.5X = B+X
0.5A - B = 0.5X 
(0.5A - B)/0.5 = X 
To figure out values for A and B; I found this online calculator that told me the number of days, so:
A = 9,273
B = 4,365

Then plugging in and solving for X:

X = 543

Plugging 543 days into this online date calculator, tells me that on Saturday, March 23, 2013, we’ll have been together approximately half of my life :O).  It's actually much farther away than I’d thought.  I’d anticipated it’d be Spring 2012.

Enough of my engin-nerd shining through…here are a few of today's finds:

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(0.5(9,273) - 4,365)/0.5 = X 

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