Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day.  It’s still raining here.  Even though I forgot my umbrella at work last night and I had to walk to the El wearing Hunter rainboots, a wanna-be rain jacket (in the inner jacket to my old North Face coat, which it turns out is not water repellent) and literally a Target bag on my head (H wasn’t nice enough to loan me his twice in three days), I would still take rain every week day in the next two weeks if the weekends could be dry.  H is in a wedding this weekend and next weekend is the marathon.

Today’s post is kind of a hodge-podge (although I guess most of my posts are fairly random).

First, although expensive (starting at $125), I have to say that Hunters are well worth the money if you have a walk in your usual commute or are in an area where it rains a lot.  I debated on getting some the first year I lived here and last year I took the plunge; well actually my dad did since he purchased for them for me for Christmas.  I tried Target brand and even Chooka rainboots, but both starting leaking (actually the Chooka split up the back seam) within six weeks of wearing.

The hesitation with the Hunters, was not only the cost, but primarily that I have huge calfs and the fit just wasn't that great.  Luckily for me, the came out with the Huntress style with a larger circumference  for people like me with abnormally large calves.  Seriously, it was love at first fit.  They fit awesome (based on reviews I ordered an 8 and I usually wear 8.5).  I actually kept track of how much I wore them January through March, and on average it was 5 days a week (4 weekdays and one weekend day).  Well worth the money to keep me dry.  I bought the fleece liners (aka welly socks) and wore them as winter boots, although they weren't really the warmest, it worked for my commute. The only downfall is that the Huntress are new and the color selection is limited.  I opted for the Hi Gloss Black, but it's pretty matte compared to the Original Hunter's lossy Black. Now I see that Hunter's website comes Huntress in pink and red too.  Oh well, for the time being, I really think two pairs would be a bit wasteful, plus switching out the welly socks helps give a bit of variety.

This morning while reading the paper on the train, I saw a small article that now Starbucks is selling apparel.  I’m a Starbucks fanatic.  I’ve “Gold-Card” since 2008 (although it used to be black and offered 10% off every purchase; which I much prefer), have a slue of different drinks I get depending on my mood, etc.  I have the traditional Starbucks logo white travel mug, however I do not want to brand myself anymore by wearing one of their t-shirts. By the way, these retail for $85.  I know people think Starbucks can be expensive, and in this instance, I have to agree.  But, if you’re interested you can purchase one here.


Ha, although I have to admit, I am kind of digging this hoodie, same price as the shirts above.  I still wouldn't buy it for $85 though:
StarbucksĀ® Classic Full Zip Hoodie

Okay, now here’s a cause that I do think is worth support.  Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) posted some holiday ornaments and I’m in love with this:

It’s (obviously) a bulldog with the Chicago flag (maybe not so obviously if you're not familiar).  Love it for $12, plus you’re supporting a great cause.  CEBR pretty much takes in all English bulldogs in the Midwest area, nurses them to health in loving foster homes (which I’m still trying to convince H we should be come) and then adopts them out to bulldog lovers within a certain radius of Chicago.  If you want to pick up your own ornament, check out here.

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