Friday, October 14, 2011

Awww, he's a keeper! (+Deals)

Good morning and happy Friday! We are pretty much all packed up and ready to go on our camping trip.  Besides loading the cooler and loading the car, oh yeah and working today, we’re ready to go:

You may be wondering to yourself – wait why is there a stuffed animal (left of pic)?  I thought they don’t have kids?  Well my friends, that is Bunny.  A few days before my 15th birthday, my real pet bunny CCM (standing for Chocolate Covered Marshmallow; ha his name is making me laugh when I type this out.  I got him in 4th grade for Christmas.  He was a Himalayan dwarf rabbit; white with brown ears and paws and also red eyes), anyways, CCM died right before my birthday and I was terribly upset.  Ben (yea, we were dating waaaay back then), give me Tommy Girl perfume for my birthday and also this white stuffed rabbit, in memory of CC.  I (obviously) love(d) it and have slept with it ever since.  It’s been over 10 years now and I think I haven’t even gone 10 nights without Bunny.  He’s went with me to college and has gone all of my trips with him.  In fact, he became my pillow when we went to India in 2008.  Actually, that was an embarrassing trip.  I took Bunny on the plane with me and a five year old obsessed with him.  Haha, I was 22 at the time!

Anyways….yesterday afternoon I had a nice surprise at work: flowers! Ben sent me some anniversary flowers (Sunday!), which totally caught me off guard.  I sent him a picture of them and he said it was bogus.  They bouquet doesn’t look nearly as nice as the one he picked out.  My suggestion was to maybe stick to gerbera’s since they’re my favorite flower (I wasn’t trying to be a brat, although it kind of sounds like it typing this out, doesn’t it?).  I joked that roses must be his  favorite flower.  His response was that we’re supposed to exchange roses on our anniversary so this was his rose to me. Awwww.  I’d totally forgotten that part of our wedding ceremony. Ben is seriously a closet romantic, I swear.  

 The rose ceremony wordage:

In the elegant language of flowers, roses are a symbol of love, the giving of a single rose is a clear and unmistakable way of saying the words "I love you." For this reason it is fitting that the first gift you exchange as husband and wife would be the gift of a single rose. Please exchange your first gift as husband and wife.  The second symbol of this exchange is to purpose that on each wedding anniversary, you will again exchange single roses.  This is an anniversary tradition that is saying, "I love you as much or more today than I did on our wedding day."
Exchanging our roses at the ceremony
Now remembering, at the time we’d jokingly said one benefit to doing this was that Ben wouldn’t have to give me a bouquet of flowers every anniversary, just a single stem and it’d be much cheaper. I’m really impressed that Ben remember the underlined portion (and surprised I didn’t).  What a sweetheart!

Today's findings:
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