Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crapola - Nail Conundrum!

Worst. Wife. Ever.

Look at this picture of my OPI Bubble Bath manicure and tell me what’s wrong:

Okay, well maybe you noticed some flaws other than my main concern…but my wedding band is NOT there.  Yep. Gone. It must run in my family or something, I swear.  Blame it on my genes.  My dad lost his original wedding ring and my brother who’s been married 3 years is on something like ring number 4.  Last night I went and got my mani-pedi.  Like I posted yesterday, it was my first time going to this salon, but it is essentially directly behind our apartment, making it uber convenient.  It was awesome.  Great pedi with nice foot massage, nice job on the mani and two separate neck/shoulder massages.  Plus they gave me a coupon to come back with up to 3 people for $25 mani-pedi (regularly $40).

Despite the disgusting rainy, windy weather and knowing I had to finish packing when I got home, I left feeling rather chipper.  As soon as I got home, terror struck.  I had only taken a wristlet with my groupon paper, $10 for tip, phone and keys.  I had taken my rings off at the mani station and while I’d been at the drying table, I’d embarrassingly realized I’d forgotten them at the mani-station when the girl brought them over to me.  Once dry, I put the rings (or so I thought) in my wristlet.  However, when I got home and went to put them on, my wedding band wasn’t in the wristlet.  I checked my coat pockets and tried calling the salon, but they were already closed.  I went to bed feeling completely naked, I NEVER take off my wedding band (only e-ring).

This morning I searched the alley and path I had walked with a flashlight to no avail.  So, I’m hoping and praying that I’ll call the saloon and they’ll have the ring there.  Unfortunately, unlike my brother (who has decided to buy his wedding band off Overstock since he’s notorious for losing them), my ring was somewhat expensive.  It is a rider on our renter’s insurance (we got this last year when we decided between our three rings we had a decent amount of value); but I need to check the policy to see if lost items are covered and also what the deductible is.  Besides, that’s a last resort; the ring has to be at the salon, right?

In other news, we are packed and ready to go to FL! I confirmed Oscar’s pickup with the dog border, Ben took our carryons to work with him and I’ll go home after work to let out Osc and grab our shared suitcase (Ben refused to take this to work b/c it’s bubblegum pink. I can’t blame him).  I just hope that the crazy winds we’ve had here die down so that we can get out of here.  Work has been super busy for both of us that we’re eagerly awaiting this mini-vacay.

Oooh, also,  I’ll be posting pics of today’s outfit later, if you’re interested

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