Thursday, October 20, 2011

My OOTD (Outfit of the Day) - Thursday

Okie-doke; so today's outfit was inspired by a recent pin on Pinterest (check out my fashion board here):

I put this today based on items I already own.  I love the inspiration shoes; but my most workable item was my nude heels. Plus, based on the tangled mess that my hair became yesterday with the rain and wind, I opted for a pony tail today. Again, I apologize for the terrible pic quality.  Hopefully with practice it will improve:

Sweater:  AT Loft
Shoes:  Mossimo Pearce (Target)
Belt:  Gap (last season)

I love the zipper detail on the shoulder
(Earring from Tiffany's)

Attempted close-up of the belt

So there ya have it.  Looking at the inspiration pic again; I'm a bit off. I like her much better. I have a less camel, more taupe-colored sweater that I think would get me a bit closer to the original pic.

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