Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Starting to freak out....(+Deals)

Now that we’re slightly more into the week, and I’m realizing, holy crap this is the week we run the marathon, I’m starting to freak out.  I’m seriously also a mental worry-wart when it comes to running and have been since I can remember.  I ran track throughout high school and middle school and cross-country junior and senior year of high school.  I’m the type of person who’s nerves gets the best of her and has to pee about three times in the thirty minutes prior to the race.

When H and I ran our first half marathon last year, 2010, we lined up together and had about 15 minutes until the start when I decided I had to go again.  H tried to convince me I didn’t have to go, we started the race and literally about a block in there was a Porta-John I ran straight to.  I knew this was the best opportunity not to have to wait in line.

I’m really trying not to think about it or freak out; I mean I ran 22miles by myself on a Saturday morning at about the same time as the race….so how much harder can 26.2 miles be when you have 45,000 runners with you and supposedly over a million fans?  I know I can do it, I think I’m subconsciously worried about how long it’s going to take me, especially in comparison with H (who has a slight chance at qualifying for Boston 2013 marathon; he definitely could have qualified for 2012, but it already filled up at the time requirement for 2013 is more stringent).  At this point, all that matters is that I complete the race since it is my first one…I don’t know though, it’s a constant battle in my head of should I care/be hard on myself to get a time that’s good for me (4.5-5hrs), or do I just see what I can do?

So here’s a few of my motivational pins I’m constantly going to be looking at this week:

 Pinned Image

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As for sales:
·         AirTran: Change of scenery sale though 10/6
·         Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy: 48-hour sale (ending tonight, 10/4 at 11:59pm), 30% off with code: 48HOURS
·         Shoes.com: 10% off and free shipping with code: FALL2011 (plus get back extra 8% via ebates.com)
·         Starbucks: Oct 4-10, get any Starbucks breakfast sandwich or wrap for $2 when you buy a handcrafted beverage (I recommend Bacon-Gouda or Turkey-Bacon)
·         Southwest.com: Fall Sale, through 10/6 with travel through 12/21
·         Zazzle.com: 10% off through 10/10 with code: ZAZZLETRENDS (This can be used on custom postage)

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