Monday, October 31, 2011

Updates on: Ring, Ears, and Running

First and foremost, I gave up on the search last week for my wedding band.  I walked the path I took home from the nail salon, countless times and looked all over the apartment (even though I’m pretty much positive it never made it in the apartment after getting my nails done).  I called our renter’s insurance company, State Farm, whom we also have an itemized personal items policy for our jewelry, to file a claim.  Within 24 hours, I was called back (on a Saturday! Love companies that are open on Saturdays), by a claims adjuster.  She explained the process:  I told her the story of what happened, where we originally purchased the ring (Ben’s family jeweler in our hometown), the designer brand, etc.  She said that State Farm’s duty is to replace the ring exactly (including brand; which is good b/c I’d been nervous that they’d just say it had to be the same style.  Since my e-ring and wedding band are from the same designer, the wedding band has a little “ledge” it fits under on the engagement ring so they sit flush).  State Farm has a list of jewelers they work with…and luckily for me, the place where I tried on my wedding band initially here in Chicago, is on that list.  Sometime this week, the jeweler will call me, I’ll go in and get sized/order the band and then the jeweler send the bill to State Farm.  Bing, bang, boom.  I hope it turns out to be as easy as it sounds!

Second update, is my ear…except that I really have no update.  It’s still clogged.  I have occasional pain and somewhat muted hearing in it.  I called the Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist) on Friday during lunch, explained my situation (Minute Clinic said it’d take 3-5 days for drainage to begin; I’m on Day 7 today and nothing), and was told that I’d be called back by the nurse within 24 to 48 hours.  Except that I haven’t been.  I’m hoping for a phone call this morning, otherwise I’ll be calling back.

Third topic:  I haven’t posted about it and maybe some of you have been wondering; but I’ve decided not to pursue another marathon this year.  I was originally considered doing one in Indianapolis this weekend (11/5), but given how busy we’ve been, on top of my ear infection; I think my body just needs a break from intense/long running.  Since May, I've worn myself out and I think the ear infection was a way of telling me to just stop and take a breather.  I have mentally and emotionally exhausted myself with running. Thus, I’ve decided to forgo the option of running this weekend and just get back into my routine of weight lifting and cardio/running.  I’ve honestly wasted about $200 in my gym membership ($42/month and approx 5 months from May to now, my marathon training); I rarely went while running 5 days a week; simply because I didn’t have time after a day of work and a run.  Now I’m pretty excited to get back into it!  I need to look back at my Women’s Health emails and decide on a lifting routine.  So, another marathon may be in the forecast for 2012; but we’ll just see what happens.  After my experience with Chicago this year, and maybe I’m just saying this because it’s starting to get colder out and not my ideal running weather, but I have no desire to run a marathon at the time being.  I may just stick to half-marathons and try to improve my time.  We’ll just have to see how I feel in a couple months!

So, hopefully be the end of the week I’ll have my replacement wedding band on order, my full hearing back, and be on my way to getting my body toned up again!

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