Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Wedding Gift #2 - Invitation Ornament

The moment I saw this on Pinterest, I decided that I would be making this for all future weddings we give gifts for.

Picture from here

...and I'm so glad I did because I have heard raves from each of the couples we gave it to.  Well we didn't hear from one directly. Rather one of the bridesmaids from the 10/1 wedding works with the mother of the bride from the 9/3 wedding I was in, and mentioned that Mrs. HaHa (me) gave the coolest ornament to the 10/1 couple and they both commented how adorable it was.

Initially Ben had me nervous about giving the invites because he thought the couples would be offended that I cut up their invite.  My response was "Really?  I'd think they'd assume people would toss them after the wedding".  None the less, I was slightly nervous about the reception of the gift.  So when 10/22 bride emailed me saying she and her news hubs loved the ornament and had had fun for the split second it took them to realize it was their invite, I was thrilled!

Wedding Invitation Ornament

(Total cost ~$3!!)
  • Colored paper/cardstock
  • Wedding invite
  • Clear ornament*
  • ~18" ribbon
  • Pencil/pen/chopstick (something to wrap paper around for curl)
  • Scissors/cutting tool
* I ordered a 4-pack of 3" diameter ornaments from Save-on-Crafts for $ with shipping.Since I made my first ornament in August, ornaments weren't out in stores yet.  I was in Michael's last week and saw that they have single clear glass ornaments for $0.99 each.  I'm going to use the 4th ornament to make one of these ornaments for us

  • Carefully cut invitation a part; line by line
  • Cut cardstock into strips (no wider than the opening of the ornament)

  • Take colored/cardstock strip and twist around pen for curl and put in ornament

  • For the invite strips, I only twisted the end of each strip, that way you could still read the text from the invite. Instead of twisting "down" the pen (as shown above); twist the paper on top of itself, that way it ends up looking like this:

  • I alternated putting colored strips and invite strips in the ornament to combine the two styles 
  • Continue until you've used all of the invite and fill the rest of the ornament with colored strips

  • Put top back on

  • Tie a bow with  your ribbon and tada!
(Look how handy my Starbucks sleeve turned out to be!)


  1. I love this! I stumbled on this page by looking for ornament ideas as favors. My daughter recently put a baby shower favor on our Christmas tree and it occured to me that I would absolutely love getting an ornament as a favor since most of the time the favors can be cheesy and I always feel like I have no clue where to put whatever {insert trinket here} the problem is that I don't want my favors to be overly wedding-ish or "Groom & Bride" (our names) in your face gawdy...I love the paper idea, and maybe I could put a nice twist on that so that people remember the fun we had at the wedding, without the ornament being over-done and in-your-face tacky. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love this! I might integrate this into my business and give them to our past brides! Thanks for the idea!! <3


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