Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Wedding Gifts #1-Card

A while back I posted the I Love You Because sign I made as part of a friend's wedding gift and said that I didn't want to post the other items because we still had more weddings to go to.  Well, now our weddings for this year are over and I'm excited to share what I made! So here's one of three posts from what I made:

Wedding Card

Cards are relatively simply to make and a nice personalized touch.  This card is actually a remake/copy of the wedding card that my friend/bridesmaid Coll sent us and it made me cry....six months after the wedding! (Have to love Coll, she can sometimes be on her own schedule, so she sent us our wedding gift, even though she'd had it forever, for our six month wedding anniversary).  Since I liked the saying so much, I decided to recreate it!  Here's the saying:

I typed out the saying in Powerpoint  and I have to admit that I made three of them but only really loved how one turned out.  I had a lot of issues with my printer (sorry Coll!) and also my managing time (a.k.a.-tried to do it last minute; sorry Mal).  Sometimes a girl just needs her mom helped me construct this one and it was the best by far:

Front of card:


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