Thursday, November 17, 2011

Excellent Shopper (+deals)

Did anyone else take advantage of BR's 50% off 5 items coupon yesterday?!  I sure did.  I went to the store after dinner and unfortunately a lot of the tops I like were sold out in my size.  I ended up just getting three pencil skirts that I can wear for work...but paid a fraction of the price!  In addition to my 50% off coupon, I also have $40 in rewards from my Gap store card.  Originally with tax the skirts would have cost $250.78 and I paid just $81.49!! Woowhee!  Here's what I got (which really aren't that fun, but were a practical purchase):
Grey lightweight wool skirt
Stretch pencil skirt

Navy lightweight wool skirt

In addition to the store being slightly picked over and the long dressing room line, the check-out line was out of control long!!  I got in line at 8pm and was nervous I wouldn't make it to J Crew (conveniently two stores down) before they closed.  I had the girl in the dressing room hold onto my skirts and I ran next door.  I'm glad I did!  Two items that I had seriously planned on ordering online for my sister as part of her Christmas gift last night were in store, on sale, and an additional 30% off!  I don't want to post what it is in case she reads this. But, I will tell you I got a great deal and paid just 35% percent of the full retail price!  Gosh, I love a good deal :O) Then I still had time to go back to BR and stand in line (which looked worse than it was).

Because I am a nerd and love numbers, I added up that I spent about $102 for what would have originally cost me $305.  And, after all of that, I still have $1 left in my spending budget, which gets replenished tomorrow when I get paid (whew) :O)  What an excellent night of shopping!  Although I have decided that I'm going to increase my shopping budget and lessen my savings contribution slightly for the next couple checks with the holidays coming.

Here are some more savings I'm passing on to you:
·         AT Loft: $35 and Under event: Select sweaters, dresses, pants, blouses, jewelry, pjs and more. In stores and online
·         Banana Republic: 30% off full-priced items online through 11/20 with code BRPARTY (plus get back 10% on your purchase when you shop via
·         Barnes and Noble: Through 11/20: 15% off one item (Nook excluded) online with code  W7H8D9M. In store coupon
·         Gap card holders: Save 10% on Gap/BR/ON giftcards in store when you bring in this coupon
·         Gap Outlet: Additional 20% off purchase coupon when you use your Gap/BR/ON store card, 11/18-11/20
·         Jo-Ann: Free shipping today with no minimum purchase, code: PGR321
·         Mixbook: 25% off everything through 11/21 with code THXMIX25
·         Victoria’s Secret: Today only: Free shipping on $25+ orders, $15 off $100 order, $30 off $150, etc with code FALL11.  Plus through 11/30:

·         World Market: Get ready for holidays with a $4.99 roasting pan through 11/20 (honestly I think my parents need this; every year there’s a debacle because we don’t have a roasting pan large enough)

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