Monday, November 21, 2011

My Wknd Finds!

Alrighty, now for the excitement of my weekend: shopping!  I’ve been in somewhat of a shopping rut recently, so I’m excited to actually be finding items that I think are worth purchasing.

Saturday Ben and I went to Gap armed with my 60% off two items and 40% off entire purchase coupon (not combinable).  The shirt that Ben had been eyeing (which is odd for him),  only had a small left, so he left the store right away (note: we lived 1.5 blocks from Gap). Then I had a little field day…however, I wasn’t super greedy.  I ended up using my 60% off on an item for Ben and one for my sister for Christmas gifts (sorry, I’m not going to post them for fear of ruining the surprise).  Remember how I’d wanted the scarf?  It wasn’t out on the floor, so I asked a clerk about it.  After about 15 minutes she came out of the back room carrying an armful.  I grabbed mine and as she was walking to the front of the store to display them, two other girls walked up and grabbed them  When I got to the register, the same clerk checked me out and we commented how 5 different women had grabbed the scarves too.  So, I got the following items 40% off:

(in an eggplant color not shown online)

My Sunday plan was to use my expired $10 Old Navy Groupon (whoopsie, so essentially if you don’t use it by the expiration date, it just turns into a giftcard for the amount you originally paid), spending-cash ($10 off a $20 purchase, or $20 off a $40+ purchase) to get a $55 dollar sweater I’d been wanting for $25.  Just before going to the store, one of my friends posted on FB that all adult sweaters were 75% off from 12-5pm. So, even though it took 45 minutes in line, I ended up getting the following four items plus something for Ben (another Christmas gift), for $35 total!  Averaging out to $7 each!

From Old Navy I decided to go to a different Gap location because the item I got my sister had a weird mark on it and I wanted to exchange it.  I also took with Ben’s item because after looking in his closet, I decided he need a different size.  I found both items I needed to exchange and I also found a pair of PJ pants on sale for $12.99.  My 40% off purchase coupon was still valid but in order to get the items I wanted to exchange, the clerk had to do a computer override…so when she rang in the 40% off coupon for the PJs pants, it took 40% off everything…so I ended up getting Ben’s and my sister’s gifts for 60% off and then an additional 40% off the sale price! I ended up paying just 24% of the retail price for each item!! I ended up paying just $7 for these:

After leaving Old Navy, I vowed to myself that I need to go to Target, which was my original destination for the day.  I popped into Women’s to pick up a pair of nylons (this was planned), but ended up perusing the sale racks and ended up finding a navy nightgown for $8 that I think I can pull off as a dress (I still need to try this on) and also a kimono style top for this amazing price:

Yep, $4.48!

Now I’m definitely over the edge of shopping for myself.  This weekend I spent $152 total (but $45 of that was on gifts) and got:
·         Gift for sister
·         Two gifts for Ben
·         Scarf
·         Nylons
·         Two blouses
·         Two long-sleeved shirts
·         Three sweaters
·         One dress

My wknd purchases

  I think maybe I should bring my purchases to my hometown to have my sister do some quality control. Lol.

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