Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm feeling like the fallish-feeling days are going to start dwindling now that we're in November; so I opted for a somewhat bright fall outfit:

(Obviously our mirror already needs to be cleaned again)

Cardigan: Mossimo (from Target)
Cami: Express (I need the cami for this to be work appropriate!)
Dress: Eva Franco Opal Dress (purchased at Boutique in Breckenridge, CO)
Boots: Frye (old)

When I bought the dress, I thought I was being unique (which I still think it is based on the number of compliment from both males and females I got when I wore this outfit), but I had recognized the brand. When I came home and googled it; sure enough Anthropologie had this dress as well.  However I was lucky enough to get it on sale, I think $107, instead of the retail price of $270.  You can still find it in select sizes here and here.

This picture really only illustrates my armpot chubs...but I was really to capture the halter type neck.  I'm usually not a fan of halters, but in person this a great neckline!

I actually picked up these boots for $50 two years ago at TJ Maxx; amazing find!

Knot Earrings: Vonmaur
(These are similar but in rose gold)

DanniJo Bracelet (anniversary gift from H)

The more I wear this bracelet, the more obsessed I become.  The only problem is that I can't clasp it every time I wear it; I have to wake Ben up to clamp it for me. Whoopsie.

The company itself is pretty cool though.  It's two sisters who essentially turned their hobby into their career.  They also have a celebrity following including Rhianna, Blake Lively, Beyonce and Natalie Portman.  Plus, they've teamed up with an organization in Africa, where women in Rwanda make the fabric pouches that the jewelry comes in.  A portion of the sales profit goes back to these women to help them become independent. Even more reason to love it!

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