Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Pays to Wait

I did it; I took the plunge (and I forgot to tell you, sorry!)
Last Monday I bit the bullet and bought my camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3.  I’d decide on Canon after messing around with my SIL’s during the holidays and based on online research; the T3 with 12.2 megapixels vs. the T2i with 18.8MP didn’t really seem worth the increase in price.  From what I’ve read and understand, megapixels used to be the way the judge a camera’s quality, however now with advances in technology, it’s not the only important factor.

My mom has always told me growing up that it’s very “middle class” to talk about money, but I consider Ben and I to be middle class citizens, so I’m going to talk pricing.

The T3 retails for $550 with the 18-55 lens kit.  I’d been watching it on both Amazon and Best Buy since the beginning of December.  I’d found via Pinterest, that supposedly the best time to buy digital cameras is January. Amazon the price was $439 and the Best Buy price fluctuated from $450 to $500.  Over the weekend I decided that, what the heck, I may as well buy it from Amazon at the price $110 off retail.

Monday morning, I go online to buy the camera and it’s up to $500 and I am crushed.  I blew my chance.  Go to Best Buy’s website; it’s $435, woo!  Then I realize that our credit card is offering 5% back on purchases through March. Damn.  Then I also recall that I had seen somewhere on Amazon that the $439 pricing was good through Jan 7th and it’s only Jan 2nd.  I look on Amazon’s customer service and it says they don’t price match, but I figure an email is worth a try.  As I’m typing up the email, I go to each store’s website to get the link to the camera.  When I go to Amazon’s T3 link, the price is dropped back to $439.

Whew!  I ditch the email and put the camera in my cart.  I go grab my credit card and when I get back to the computer, I have a note that the price for one of the items in my cart has changed....the camera is priced at $435, matching Best Buy’s price!  On top of that, I realize that since Amazon doesn’t have an actual brick and mortar store, I get away without paying the $28 in taxes I would have paid at Best Buy (although Mr. Sister, an accountant, later scolded that I’m supposed to report this purchase when filing my taxes).  So, the final price, after my 5% rebate from the credit card was $418.  Compared to what retail price with tax is (~$551.25); I saved 31%!!! Whoop whoop.  I’m glad I waited! (Also, I opted for the 2-yr warranty that covers accidents; just in case)

I’ve just monkied with the camera a bit (and need to order a case; any recs?  Especially for traveling! I’m thinking a messenger bag style maybe?) but the timing is perfect because Ben and I have our “Date Night” Photography class on Saturday night.

Now the camera's up to $456 on Amazon and retail price $550 on Best Buy...don’t you just love when things work out? :O) Get ready for more pictures on a regular basis!


  1. Congrats on the big purchase - you got such a deal! Check out they have CUTE camera bags!


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