Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starbucks (+ deals)

I love Starbucks and coffee in general.  My day doesn’t officially start until I have a black coffee (or two if I’m drinking free work stuff, which isn’t as strong as Starbucks).  I know I have a problem because on weekends I get headaches if I don’t have coffee.  Yup, I’m addicted.  But, for those of you who aren’t coffee lovers (or you do love it with mounds of sugar and creamer), Starbucks launched their blonde coffees this week.  They’re supposed to be a lighter coffee taste who people who don’t like coffee.  They’re giving samples in store today through Saturday and even little samples to take home.  Even though I like my bold, black grandes…I’m going to give it a try too, just for the heck of it.

And funnily enough, on a somewhat related topic, this morning in my inbox, I got an email about the 6 Worst Coffee Drinks from Women's Health

Today’s deals:
·    Amazon: Select Men and Women’s outerwear up to 75% off, today only
·    Banana Republic: 30% off entire purchase online through 1/15 with code BRTAKE30
·    Barnes and Noble: Extra 15% off one item through 1/16 (NOOK excluded); online with code D8C7C89
·    Gap: MLK Day Sale; online: select clothing styles are up to 40% off; in store: select denim 30% off
·    Kate Spade Outlet: Take an extra 40% off sale items this wknd (1/11 through 1/17)
·    Piperlime: Take an extra 15% off Lime Tag Sale dresses today and tmrw with code DRESSES

·    Uggs: Take 20% off Uggs (and free shipping) at with code BOOTS2012


  1. I used to have the caffeine addiction too, and it was the worst when we were on vacations or staying with others. That need to have to find coffee or some source of caffeine somewhere or else I'd get a terrible headache was awful. I finally kicked the habit a little over a year ago, and it's great! I decided to kick it over Thanksgiving weekend, so I'd have the long weekend to recover and be grumpy at home in my pj's. But it was so worth it! Now, I enjoy the occasional Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks run, but I don't depend on it or my Kuerig to keep me going! I may have to go check out that Blonde coffee at Starbucks, it sounds yummy!

  2. Yep; that sounds like us! On vacation in CO every morning someone had to drive to Starbucks to get the morning kick. I could probably ween myself off; and probably should!

  3. ooooo I had the Blonde roast yesterday. I really like it! What did you think?

  4. If you wanted to ween yourself off instead of going cold turkey, you could always start drinking half-caf coffee ;0)


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