Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flying Valentines

Every Valentine's I try to send something to the kids I babysit for.  This year I decided since I'll be in my hometown for a hair appt (a much needed appt), that I'll make some for my hairdresser's daughters (although one of the girls is only 1.5; so I'm not really sure that a sucker is safe...but I'll let the parents decide).

 I decided to combine two ideas I found on Pinterest:


plus this:

  became this:

My Flying Valentines

  • Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel, etc)
  • Stapler, glue stick, tape, etc (something to attach items to roll; stapler is easiest)
  • Scissors
  • Construction or scrapbook paper
  • Pen
  • Suckers
  • Whatever else you'd like to add (googly eyes, pipe cleaners for antennas, etc). You could have stickers and markers and let kid's decorate their own as well

  • Cut strip of paper the same height as your TP roll and long enough to wrap around
(I added strips of paper to make my bumble bee)

  •  Staple on end on the roll

  • Roll paper around and pull tight; staple to secure

  • Folding a larger piece of paper in half; cut out your wings and attach to the back of your paper covered roll with a stapler

  • Add a note and your lollipops

  • On second thought, add a smiley face too! :O)
This is for M, the little boy

And here are the girls.  I wasn't so sure on the smiley face; but I ended up think they add some character

I'll be finishing up Part Two of my valentine's tonight and posting.  Be sure to come back to see them!

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