Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wknd Recap from 3/23

Hi guys, there really aren’t any deal worth sharing today.  Yesterday I meant to give a weekend recap, but got tied up, so today’s the day.

Friday I went with my brother and SIL to see Hunger Games.  It was funny because I was the obvious third wheel, in that they’re a married couple, but at the same time, SIL and I had read the books and my brother hadn’t.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers if you haven’t read the books or seen the movie, but overall I thought it was pretty good!  I think the movie lacks a lot of small details that made the book intriguing, but at the same time, much of what I picture in my read while reading the book was similar to how it was portrayed in the movie.  (In case you’re curious, Ben stayed home and brewed.  He had no interest in the movie).

 Saturday during the day we hung out around home and I got to packing.  In the afternoon one of our buddies stopped by and Ben decided to go meet others for a drink.  Around 4pm I met up with everyone at Blue Bayou and got a hurricane.  I’m usually not into girlie-fruity-sweet drinks, but this hit the spot!  Afterwards we went up to Ravenswood neighborhood to Spacca Napoli to meet Ben’s family for dinner.

Spacca is an Italian-style pizza place.  We had 5:30 reservations and the place was empty when we got there, but quickly filled up.  All of the pizzas are thin but all of the food was really good!  We had meat and cheese for an appetizer.  I ordered a Diovola pizza, which was essentially pepperoni and Ben got sausage so we could share (not that exciting, I know).  The pizzas were about 12” so it was recommended to order one per person.  All three of the guys finished theirs, but the women didn’t.  For dessert Ben and I ordered panna gelato (like vanilla) and nutella.  The nutella was served on top of warm pizza crust.  We put some gelato on top and it made for a wonderful dessert!  After dinner we went to a bar to watch Ohio State win (yay for my bracket) and played some pool.

For whatever reason, at dinner Ben brought up the Cinnamon Challenge.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a dare (more or less) to swallow one tablespoon of cinnamon without the help of anything else (food or water).  So, when we were playing pool, it came about that we’d play couples (Ben and I vs SIL/BIL) and losing team has do to the cinnamon challenge.  We were doing okay….but losing.  Ben saved us by hitting in three balls on one turn, but then he scratched and hit in the 8-ball.  Thus, the next time we had out, we have do to the challenge! Eeek!

Sunday morning we went up to Overeasy for brunch.  This is where SIL had ordered the baked apple pancake before.  MIL thought it was so crazy that she wanted FIL to see it.  Of course there was a wait, but it was well worth it!  After brunch was more packing at home.  One of my besties, who lives in Indy, was in town for a family event and stopped by for a bit.  Actually, she was pretty smart.  Her family was staying in a hotel downtown and rather than pay the absurd $40 for one night of parking, she called and asked if it’d be safe/a good idea to park for free in our neighborhood.  So, while going back to her car, she stopped in.  It was so great to see her and catch up, even though it was briefly!

Sunday afternoon the in-laws took Oscar home with them.  My parents and Ben’s will share watching Oscar while we’re on the trip (which is a huge relief and money saver).  I got a little teary-eyed waving bye to him as the car drove off.  Sunday night was strange not to have someone snuggle between us on the couch and Monday morning was even more strange when I didn’t have a breakfast buddy and someone to take out for a walk.  Last night it was bizarre not to have anyone to come home to either!  Thinking about it, the majority of the time, unless he sleeps in or I’m doing errands, Ben is usually with Oscar when I’m there too. For me, I probably get a solid two hours or so everyday where it’s just the two of us.  It’s weird not to have him to spend that time with.

We both miss him!

I told Ben that I may have to bring framed picture of him along on our trip…

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