Monday, May 14, 2012

Wknd Recap

The wknd was pretty good although it started off kind of rough.  Friday I left work an hour early to get Oscar to the vet.  On Wednesday night he’d started rubbing his eyes a bit.  Thursday on our afternoon walk they were bad.  The right eye seemed swollen shut, so much so that Oscar ran into a fence during our walk.  Poor guy!!  I talked to the vet on Thurs night and we decided that we’d given Benedryl a try, but in case it didn’t help, I made an appt for Friday afternoon.  The Benedryl did jack-crap. So, Friday afternoon I spent 2 hours at the vet with Osc to be diagnosed with allergies (although nothing specific, just that’s what caused the inflammation). Poor guy is miserable in his cone and HATES his eye drops we have to give him. The cone has to stay on until this Wed, when we go back for a follow up.

Poor guy!

My in-laws were in town this weekend, so Friday night we went to Goose Island (Clybourn location; you may have heard of them for 312 beer if nothing else) for dinner.  You would think I’d be sick of Mexican food after our party last weekend, but I opted for the quesadillas and a ceasar salad, both of which were tasty.  After dinner we went back to our place to open birthday gifts for Ben and I from SIL/BIL. We also gave all of the fam gifts from our trip and realized that SIL's gift is *hopefully* still in the back of my parent’s car from when we went to dinner at they picked us up at O'Hare upon our trip return. Yikes!!  They got me two Essie polishes, a Groupon for two mani-pedi sessions and a $10 Ulta gift card (this is reminding me, I’m sorry, I owe a post to where we ate dinner on my bday)

 Saturday morning, Ben and I went to the gym, showered, etc and then I went downtown with SIL/MIL.  We’d planned on going to Lincoln Park Zoo or Sears/Willis Tower Ledge, but the weather was terrible so the girls ended up doing some shopping! The guys did a Half Acre beer tour and watched golf at our place.  Bloomingdales had 15% off select items for cardholders so I bought an Aqua brand necklace that’s pearlized looking crystal with neon pink and gold accents.  It’s not online so I’ll have to post a pic soon.

I also got the Dolce Vita Archer sandals I’ve been eyeing for $58, regularly $69.

Here, on Zappos

I found a J Crew kelly green pencil skirt on sale too but my big buy was some new Tory Burch FLATS!!! Yay! With the Bdales promos, I decided I’d try on a pair that I’d been wanting forever (a girl on my train commute wears them probably three times a week), even though retail price is $250. Turns out the discount wasn’t applicable for those and they didn't have my size anyways. Since my MIL was on the hunt for a white-ish summer purse, we went to the Tory boutique. “My” shoes were one sale there for $175  ($75 cheaper than Bdales!) so I immediately asked for my size and was happy they had them and they fit. My MIL had a $50 gift card TB had sent her for Mother's Day that expired at the end of the month and she decided against any of the TB purses so she ended up giving it to me to use towards the use.  Still expensive, but so worth it for a good flat that is so versatile, I paid half off, $125, for the shoes!!

We met up with the guys and ate at a yummy Italian place in Lincoln Park called Basil Leaf. It’s one of those places I occasionally drive by and have always wanted to go to. When we were discussing dinner options, I finally remembered to suggest it.  MIL and SIL had been there for lunch, but no one for dinner.  It was awesome.  They had fresh rolls and garlic, spiced olive oil delivered to the table; delicious pasta (actually pretty reasonable at $15 and under for a HUGE portion). I got their homemade creamy pesto with fettuccine and chicken. We’ll definitely be headed back there.  The only downfall is that there’s no parking lot or valet and local streets are either pay to park (which fill up quick) or permit parking only.  For dessert, Molly's Cupcakes was across the street so got some cupcakes there and played Connect 4.

Yesterday we had brunch at SIL/BILs and I brought my sausage egg casserole, which went over well!  The weather was so nice here yesterday I ended up pulling weeds in the backyard for something productive to do outside.  My ILs also stopped by IKEA for me since FIL had a work conference near the store and picked up a chest of drawers I'd been wanting. I assembled that and now need to reorganize my closet and drawers.  I’m so excited for the extra storage space and also the top of the drawers.  I’m still debating what to put on top though, especially if I want another light there (because I detest overhead lighting).  I’m also trying to sell my jewelry armoire that used to be where I put the chest of drawers.

My parents are visiting my sister again in England.  I feel terrible that I didn’t even have the chance to talk to my mom on Mother’s Day!


  1. Poor Oscar! My bull dog gets eye infections all the time unfortunately in her right eye, and when she had to wear a cone she was so depressed. It's hard because you can't explain to them why they're wearing it. Hope his eye clears up soon!

  2. Oh no! Have you figured out any way to prevent them? Or do you have luck with Benedryl?

  3. We just have to wipe her eye when it looks wet and we have a cream we put in it when it acts up. When it gets really bad, we take her to the vet :(


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