Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adoption Day!

Yep, that's the big news for today!  Knucklehead is getting adopted in an hour and a half.  It's utterly bittersweet, as I write this with big tears rolling down my cheeks.

A couple came to meet him about a week and a half ago.  They were unsure about getting an "older" dog (Knucks will be 8 on August 1st) and how he'd interact with their two year old boxer; but after meeting him and then later in the visit seeing him play with Oscar, they decided he'd be a good fit and we're sure he will be.  Even still, it's hard to let go, especially as he is/was our first foster.

We've grown to love this sweet and innocent dog over the past nine weeks. Nine weeks ago today is when we welcomed him into our home with a sadness for his past and a nervous excitement for his future.  Today, as he lives us, it's with a happy sadness of the past nine weeks and an even happier excitement for his future.

Last night we took a car ride to Petco to get food and treats with send with him to his family.  Having one bulldog and taking him in public is always fun, but the dynamic of two together is something special.  When we got home, I gave him a bath and then sat with him in his room for a bit, just petting him, and he climbed into my lap and gave me kisses.  Oscar is sweet, but Knucklehead is the sweetest soul I've ever met.  I went into bed crying, and Ben held me then started crying too.

It kind of feels like the end of a great vacation.  It's the last day and you've had a wonderful trip that you don't want to end, but you know you have to get back into your normal routine eventually. Even still, I think I'm going to go the adoption sans makeup and with oversized sunglasses to hide my misty eyes.


  1. Awww it would be so hard to give up a bulldog. I can't imagine! I think it's so wonderful that you guys decided to be fosters to such a sweetypie.

    Have you guys considered getting another bully now that you love the dynamic of having 2? Oscar would make a great big brother ;)

  2. ElizabethJuly 01, 2012

    I just wanted to say thank you for being a foster family to a very lucky dog!
    We adopted a 2 year old lab from a lab rescue a few years ago and she is our baby-I can not imagine my life without her. She was in foster care for a little bit before she joined our family. I am so thankful for her foster mom and all the love and care she gave to her-she had a traumatic life prior-and her foster mom helped her to learn to trust and love humans again. I still think of her foster mom frequently. What a gift you have given that beautiful, loving dog-and his forever family!

  3. Hi Kate- I know! We've talked about getting a second permanent dog and in the past, we weren't sure how he'd react to having another dog, so we agreed that fostering was a way for us to test the waters with Osc. I think it will happen in the future!!

    Elizabeth- Thank you for the kind words! This helped remind me that it's bringing joy to someone else and the sadness is worth the happiness it brings along with it! :O)


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