Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bye Bye Buddy!

It's over.  We met Knucklehead's new parents this afternoon.  This was our second time meeting them in person (first was when they met Knucks) and they're pretty quiet, but they were excited and I'm sure much like when we brought Knucks into foster, it's a nervous excitement.  We know he's going to a good home and with how mellow of a personality he has and how much he likes attention, he'll fit in it no time.

As they finished filling out paperwork, I kept my composure and just pet him.  Then when it was time to say bye, Ben and I gave him some good pets and a quick kiss.  We parted and Knucks started to follow us, even though his new family was holding the leash and Ben said, "No, Knucks, you have a new house to go to now, go with them!" and I lost it and handed the keys over to Ben to drive.

It's going to take getting used to without him here.  I took down his kennel already and now I'm sitting at the computer desk which was in "his" room, just picturing him sitting at my feet like he used to.  Man, oh man, and I'd only known this dog nine weeks!  But, he was my buddy.  I think of how nervous we were the first night I brought him home and even then, how sweet he was. 

In the middle of the night when I go to the bathroom, he'd hear me and come in for some quick pets before plodding back to his room.  In the mornings, when Oscar is groggy and took a couple minutes to wake up and move, there would be Knucks, running up to me, eager to say "good morning" with his wiggly tail. Agh, he is such a lover!

A lot of the other fosters have said that good thing with CEBR is that because the adopters do have to live within a certain radius, you often get opportunities to see dogs again, like at Meet-Ups.  So, we'll contact his family in a couple days to see how things are going and hopefully, eventually, we'll see the little sweetheart again in the future.

In case you're thinking, how is Oscar doing with this?  Last night we when going to bed we talked about how there was really no way for Oscar to know what would happen today and to prepare him.  He was definitely jealous when we left with just Knucks this afternoon and he wasn't invited.  The rest of this afternoon, he's just been sleeping.  He did kind of look around for him at dinner and looked up at me like, "wait, why aren't you pouring two food bowls?" but other than that, it's hard to tell what he's thinking and if he misses him.

I'm sure the more we foster, the easier it will get, or maybe the quicker these feelings of sadness will be.  When will we get the next foster?  Well, with my going away to Texas this week and also wanting Osc to have some time to re-coop, I think it'll be a few weeks.

In the meantime, I hope you don't mind my posts about all of this; it's a good way for me to let it out.

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