Monday, July 30, 2012

The Start of my Wknd

I know sometimes I have a tendency to create lengthy posts about the weekend, so I’m going to switch it up a bit and do some individual posts for this past weekends’ events. Except that I’m going to combine Thursday and Friday, because if you recall, I had Friday offer for my office summer hours!

Wednesday Ben sends me an email, copied from Revolution Brewery’s Facebook page:

So, fellow Revolutionaries, I have some good news and some bad news. First, the BAD news: the Kedzie brewery taproom will be closed to the public tomorrow. The GOOD news, is that it is because we have gone Hollywood and are letting a movie crew film a party scene in the brewery. Want even MORE good news? YOU have the opportunity to be an extra! If you are 21+ and would like to be cast as an extra in the scene, please email XXXXX  with your preferred shift: 2-6pm, 5-8pm, or 7-Midnight. You must bring three changes of clothes and, oh, you will be paid...IN BEER.

Now, usually I’m the type of person who likes to be in bed by 9:00pm and ideally lights are out by 9:30pm (hey, I have to wake up between 5:15am and 5:45am, so give me a break)…but, since I had Friday off, I was in 100%.  Then Ben crushed my dreams and said he didn’t think it was worth it.  Come to find out today, it was filming for the movie Drinking Buddies, starring Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick. Boo!!! Note to self: next time I have a chance to be a movie extra, have a back-up plan in case Ben ditches out.

We bottled beer instead. And I don’t think it’s going to turn out very good.  Ben made a wheat beer and told me I could pick on a fruity extract flavor for half of the beer.  I biked to Brew Camp, a local brew store, and ended up choosing blackberry.  I didn’t want strawberry and we’ve already made a raspberry wheat and blueberry wheat.  I debated on peach, but then recalled I didn’t like Dogfish Head’s Festine Peche beer; only to be told by Ben later that that’s not a wheat beer and it’s a Berliner-weisse. Boo.
Friday, 7/27:
Friday morning I slept in until 8:15am (gah, isn’t is depressing that 8:15am is sleeping in 3 HOURS for me?!) and went for my long run of the week.  Following the recent trend of my life, at about mile 3 I got rained on; but since I wasn’t out to get a suntan and was hot from running, it felt refreshing.  My run took me longer than I’d anticipated (about 1hr 40 minutes) and I was disappointed, until I mapped it out and realized I ran 10 miles instead of the 9 I was scheduled to do; Woowhee!

With Ben having the afternoon off, I tried to convince him that we should hit up a local Chicago Park District pool.  We’ve never been, but have three within two miles of us AND we recently found out they’re free!  But Mother Nature seems to be determined for my tan to fade as the clouds appeared and then the idea of the pool wasn’t so appealing.  Instead we went to see Dark Knight Rises.
First thing, have you even been to the movie theater on a Friday afternoon?  It is awesome! When purchasing tickets for our 3:30 show, we asked if it was crowded and was told that there were 5 people in the theater. Including us.  (More showed up later).  It was a good flick!  That 2.5 hours of my life went by surprisingly quick.  I won’t give anything away, but I’ll say there’s a good plot and interesting background that make the movie cohesive and fairly easy to follow. 
Friday night Mr. Sister got in town and we needed to eat.  We ended up going to Temple Bar because it has an outdoor patio with TVs for the Olympic Opening Ceremony (plus we joked it was prep for the real Temple Bar in Dublin).  The opening was weird! Did you like it?  I wasn’t really impressed with all of the strange decade scenes, etc; but I suppose it is a major task to design a show that all countries of the world would find captivating.  The torch lighting was gorgeous though!
After dinner, which was good; we’ll be back, we had some friends over to continue watching the Olympics.  We also harvested my mint for the first time for strawberry mojitos.  I wish I had a recipe to share, but my sister, who had ensured me she’d made them before, decided we’d just make each glass individually and they were good, but not great, definitely not sharing material.  I’ll have to work on a good mix and come back to share.

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