Monday, August 20, 2012

Dog's Day at the Beach

Despite the fact that English bulldogs aren't known for being swimmers, one of Oscar's favorite summer activities is the dog beach.  Chicago is an immensely friendly dog city, from dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and bars, doggy-day cares and our favorite, dog beaches

Because of their breathing structure,  the amount of heat bulldog can tolerate is limited; so when there was recently a sunny, but not too hot, Sunday recently we took full advantage and took Osc to Montrose Dog Beach. It's one of the largest in the area and was the first legal off-leash beach in the city.

Bulldogs certainly aren't known as water dogs, but that doesn't stop Oscar from attempting to doggy paddle.

The first year of Oscar's life, he hated water.  He hated baths, showers, and sprinklers.  One day at the dog park (Wiggley Field; get it?), Osc was trying to get a tennis ball out of a kid's pool (set up for the dogs). Ben picked up Osc and put him in the middle of the pool.  Oscar decided he liked it and played in it for the next 20 minutes.  Ever since, he loves the water.
It's surprising how daring he will be and how far he's willing to risk going out. Of course, he'll follow either of us out as far as we go, even if he means getting some water in his far.
A summer day at the dog beach is one of the best. 







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