Monday, August 20, 2012

Ladies Night OOTD

Over the weekend Ben went with some friends to Dixon, IL to camp out for the Mumford and Sons Stopover show.  Four cities were selected in the US to host the concert, and somehow, Dixon (roughly two hours from Chicago) was selected.  Unfortunately, I had already agreed to babysit on Saturday, so it turned into a guys trip.

The good thing was, I got some quality girl time on Friday night with my two best friends in the city. Two of us are married (both hubs were at the show) and the other is single.  The single girl mentioned the date to a coworker and the coworker asked, "oh what's the occassion?". My friend responded "Their husbands are out of town...errr, I don't mean it like that. Like they still do stuff even though they're married.  They're actually really fun". Ha!

We didn't have a destination in mind, so we wandered a part of town new to us; Bucktown/Division St until coming across a charming Italian spot called Via Carducci. Delicious.  We each got a different entree (spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti napoleonetta, and pizza) and they were all equally amazing.  What's even better that between the three entrees and pitcher of (delicious) sangria; we only paid $22/person and each had leftovers. Yum.

I was originally wearing a navy/white gingham shirt, but when one of the girls showed up at my apartment wearing a pink oxford, very similar, I changed to stripes.

Shirt - Old Navy (Spring 11; similar here and here)
White jeans - Gap (*see story below)
Necklace - Bubbles via ebay
Bracelet - Dannijo

*The story on these pants are that I paid $0.25 for them in 2004 and STILL have them.  My hometown Goodwill has/had quarter days on Mondays; where items with a designated color tag (say, blue tags) were $0.25.  Although I worked full-time during the summer, occassionally I'd have a Monday off and my mom and I would go hunt through the racks for an amzing deal (see pants above).

Every year I get them dry cleaned at the end of the season to try to keep them fresh for the seasons ahead.

Of course, now that I've said this, I'm probably going to get a big stain on them, aren't I?  Every

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