Monday, September 17, 2012

Here's to the Weekend

Friday night we headed down to Bucktown neighbhorhood to meet our couple friends, B&B, to redeem some Travelzoo vouchers we had; $29 for two appetizers and 2 drinks (or one tequila flight) per person at Salud Tequila Lounge.
Between the provided chips and salsa and our two appetizers (Arepa (crispy corn cakes with gauc, queso and skirt steak) and Chicken quesadillas) Ben and I were stuffed.  We opted for one tequila flight (it brought back memories our of honeymoon) and two drinks.  I chose the first, a strawberry margarita and Ben chose the second, an old-fashioned with tequila.  It was surprisingly good, but also, unsurprisingly, strong.

Strawberry Marg and Tequila Flight

Since the food, drink and ambiance were all great; I think we'll be returning to this spot.  I even read this morning that Lady Gaga was here last Wednesday, just two days before us, for her fill of tequila.
By this time, it was about 9:00 and we decided to try to go to Violet Hour. BandB had been there once before and were intrigued with it.  There is a dress code, but since no one was in flip-flops, we decided to stop by. It's inconspicuous on the outside; in fact it even just looks like an abandoned type building; but on the inside it's completely opposite.  They're known for their specialty mixed drinks (and their line to get in).  Lucky for us, the line was minimal, maybe 10 minutes wait and we were inside.
No phone usage is allowed inside, so I wasn't able to snap any pics; but it was really cool.  Antique chandeliers and dim lights, light blue decor, and Austin Powers type music set the mood.  There are several booths and tables; all of which have chairs with backs that are probably about 7 feet of the ground to give an intimate feeling. It reminded Ben and I also of Barrelhouse Flats.  It's a cool and unique spot, but I'm not sure often we'll be coming here since drinks are $12 a pop.
After staying for a round, the inevitable came.  I knew while we were down in that neck of the woods, Ben would want us to go to Emporium Arcade Bar.  It's recently opened and very popular (it was packed).  Essentially in the middle of the space is the bartop (with craft beer) and lining the perimeter of the bar is old school video games. At 25 cents a play; it's quite entertaingin.
The Simpsons is the only game I really recognized, but the boys knew the majority. However, I did find one of my old favs; FROGGER!!! After that, I had a ball.
Saturday morning was adoption day for Slater.  Thankfully, Ben and I did not shed an tears this time; although we did spent a good amount of time talking with his new family; he is going to LOVE it there.  We're so excited for him!  The happiness in his new familys' faces, especially the kids, was a great reminder to Ben and I why fostering is so important.

The rest of Saturday and into Sunday we spent camping.  Here's a separate post about our trip. I will leave you with a picture of our late lunch on Sunday; Penny's Noodles! Yum!!


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