Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's Get it Over With

I've decided to post my bad news first; might as well get it out in the open.

My brother and SIL are getting divorced. 

They're older than us, have no kids, two dogs and live in Chicago as well.  After a rocky summer last year, followed by counseling, they've now decided it isn't working. It was heartbreaking to hear, but in all honesty, I really do believe it's for the best. 

To cope, my SIL has deleted our family from Facebook (which seems so irrelevant but is always very symbolic it today's day and age).  We've stopped talking completely.  As couples, Ben and I didn't see them often, but still enough to maintain a good relationship.  Last summer during training for our marathon, SIL became pretty close, so it's sad to see her go, not only as family but as a friend.  I've tried to leave the lines of communication open should she decided to contact me in the future, but I also understand that she needs to disassociate to recreate herself.

My brother is coping well.  He's moved into his own apartment and starting fresh.  I wish them both the happiness and fulfilment in their lives that they deserve and could not find together.

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