Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do a little Dabble

Ben introduced me to a really cute website a few months back called Dabble.  Ben came across the website when he was trying to learn more about craft brewing. The basis of the website is that it provides small, informal classes on a variety of information or hobbies so that you can "dabble" into new interests. Some classes meet multiple times and others just once.  The fees for a given class range, but are usually very reasonable.

It's kind of like, but more instructional and is not free.

Some dabble courses I've considered in the past are:

(you know I love succulents and
my first terrarium didn't last long)
Cupcake Decorating
First time home buyers
Making your own pasta
Wine tasting 101
There are new courses being offered all of the time!

And now the good news: Dabble recently launched an expansion and now offers classes throughout the US! Also, if you're interested in creating and teaching your own class, you can offer it through Dabble.

Check it out, here

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