Friday, February 22, 2013

Savvy Shopping

I have been a good girl in these recent months past Christmas and have done an excellent job of following my "shopping" budget recently.  I'm so proud of myself. I have a few finds that are worth sharing.

Gap Polka Dot and Striped Sweater
$49.50 (in stores only)
I purchased this during a recent 40% off Gap card promotion and paid $29 for it.
Tory Burch Small Domed Logo Studs
$58 at Nordstrom
I purchased these on a whim to replace my Tiffany Bead Earrings. I lost one during the chaos of Bully Bash.  While Tiffany's does sell just one replacement earring (instead of purchasing another set), the TB set is about the same price so I figured why not?  Well, I was wrong.  These are adorable on their packaging, they look terrible on.  Apparently my ear lobes are too small for these studs as they hang off my ears.  I just can't get used to the look.  They will be getting returned. 
H&M Sock Bun Helper
I know that sock buns have been around for a while now.  I have quite a few tutorials pinned, yet I have not worn a successful sock bun at this point.  I've cut down a few white socks and no matter how much I pin, I also feel like there's a glimpse of white poking through my blonde ends.   Enter this little do-job. 
At $2.95, I was willing to try it. And what do you know? Success!
Last purchase to share is something you've already seen. Remember my Target's on Target post?  Well, I caved and decided to order the blouse. Well, not just one, but four, sizes that is.  Not knowing how this would fit, I ordered a small, medium, petite small, and petite medium in the aqua color.
$22.99, online and now in stores too
The small petite was on back order, but I received the small, medium and petite medium in one package.
They were rather wrinkly coming out of the package, so after a quick iron, here are the size comparisons.

Petite Medium
Petite Medium thoughts: It was slightly tight across the shoulders and the sleeves were not a full-length on my arms, but not quite a 3/4 length either.  But, I love the length. It covered approximately half of my booty, which is what I consider minimum tunic length.

Medium (regular) review thoughts: This was the first size I tried on and at first I thought it worked. It has an undefined fit; which seems true to a tunic.  However, by looking at the last picture, you can tell there's a lot of extra fabric there (this could be a cute maternity top for a little bump). After comparing with the others, I deemed this too big and unflattering.
Small thoughts: Still loose and flowy, slightly shorter but still long enough to easily tuck into a pencil for work or wear untucked for fun. I willbe keeping the small!
I've already looked to order it in red (okay, and black and maybe cream too), but last I looked they were sold out in my size, which is a let down considering they have 20% off $75+ clothing and accessories purchases right now!


  1. Okay, I am the SAME way with the sock bun thing...I have tried the socks over and over....never worked! I am gonna have to pick this up at H&M!!

    1. Seriously, socks are so tricky! Let me know if this works for you!

  2. I saw that at H&M a few months back and thought, "ugh, I can't get real socks to work, so that probably won't work either." Glad to see it did the trick for you. Perhaps I need to go back and get that bad boy!

    1. I figured it was worth a shot for $3 and was pleasantly surprised!

  3. I am all about ordering multiple colors :)

    1. When it's something so practical and cheap...why not? I just wish they weren't sold out in my size! Now I'm debating if I order medium petites instead!


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