Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What iWore Wednesday - 5/29

It may be hard to believe, but thse outfits are from the past week in Chicago.  Yes, tights in May in Chicago, that's how cold it's been.  In fact, I just learned that Memorial Day 2013 was the coldest we've had in 16 years, with an observed high of 66.
Leopard Lady
Shift Dress - Gap (similar) // Knit Cardigan - J. Crew (similar) // Boots - Steve Madden Intyce  // Scarf - J Crew Factory (similar)
Earrings - C. Wonder (in honey) // Watch - Michael Kors Runway // Chain Bracelet - Yuni Kelly
How long ago did I buy this top? January?! I finally remembered to where it last night for a girls night. Adore.
Peplum - Pim+Larkin // Jeans - Kate Spade Broome Street from outlet (similar) // Sandals - Target's Mossimo Lakitia (gold sparkle not available online right now)
Watch - Michael Kors Runway // Chain Bracelet - Yuni Kelly
(Have you noticed yet that this is my go-to combo?)
Every time I wear this skirt, it never fails that a certain co-worker comments on my billowy skirt and how it reminds him of Bo-Peep. Thanks.
Skirt - J Crew (old) // Shirt - Gap // Necklace - American Eagle (old; similar) // Heels - Nine West
PS - Is anyone else having issues with the quality of their iphone pictures recently? Grr!

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  1. Hi HaHa (great nickname!) That printed top is fantastic.
    No problems with my iPhone pic quality. My issue is Instagram crashes lately. Best of luck with resolving your gadget drama!
    PS. I'm visiting from WIWW. Check out what I wore at Olivia Cleans Green.


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